Fence Installation - Unfortunately NOT MINE!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I am very behind in touching base with everyone on spark. Haven't been blogging much. Been out there in the backyard or somewhere. Today I am hanging close inside to the backyard. Neighbor decided to have her backyard fenced in with a "privacy fence." NO one is looking into her backyard but she feels she wants her privacy. Me? Well....I questioned her SIX FOOT fence between us and since we are in a planned senior community, the architectural committee chairperson was able to reason with her that a FIVE FOOT fence might be a little bit more friendly between us. Heaven knows I can't see over a five foot fence since I'm 5'1". And DH is seldom sitting in the backyard after a long day at work; he wants to enjoy the sun room, a soft couch and his TV.

So why am I hanging out at home? Neighbor took off and left the two guys high and dry for a rest room! Having grown up in the country I learned early to be of assistance with workers who are performing a contractual job for you. I really only have to think about the shared fence but I DO worry about those guys. It is a warm day, provided both of them two bottles of gatorade and crackers. They had plenty of water and food but they gladly took the extra liquids and snacks. Also I know the fence on the shared side will be the correct height.

Yes, I have yet to get my fence installed. It will be only four feet high. We have bidders coming later this week. Nothing more to say there.


My Spark Personal Challenge?
1) Lost 11 pounds total so far.
2) My bras feel so much better.
3) My T-shirts feel so much better.
4) Just about ready to dig out my one size smaller pants. HURRAY!
5) Much, MUCH easier to tie my shoes.

I say, slow and steady wins the race.

Hugs and Prayers to EVERYONE who keeps nudging me along. Couldn't do it without you!

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