330 VS 285 Pounds, what it looks like

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

So, here it goes, one more time... so scary to look at but what a great reminder of what I never want to look like again

Yep, that was me, just a little over 3 month's ago. 330 Pounds and miserable, I could barely breath, could not bend over with out feeling like I was being cut in half and was unable to paint my own toenails.

Now just 3 months later

I weigh 285 pounds! WOW, not only have I lost 45 pounds but I have lost 26.5 inches! OH MY GOSH! It has finally hit me. I have lost 45 pounds in just 3 months. I know it will not continue to just melt away, especially since things have been so crazy of late, but the other night I was laying in bed and began to calculate it, I really can hit my goal weight of 135 by next summer. Yes, I still have 150 pounds to lose but if I continue to work hard, it can happen. There are 15 months until July 2011 and if I lose just 10 pounds a month, it can seriously happen. When I realized it, I had this grin from ear to ear, I jumped up and down on my bed, I felt like the kid at a candy store or finding my favorite toy in the world under the Christmas tree, it was just amazing. I am a strong woman and I CAN do this! Literally, I am extactic! Writing about it, makes me feel it all over again, I can't stop smiling! Just knowing that I can actually lose the weight and hit my goal, I don't have to imagine it, wish it, hope it, dream it, this time I am doing it!

Here's a little piece of motivation to help keep the fire burning

This is my virtual model at 135 pounds! Pretty cute, huh? So, I know at 135 pounds, I won't look exactly like this but trust me, it sure is fun playing dress up and a visual helps! For anyone who would like to try this, just check out at www.mvm.com

What is even better than playing dress up with my virtual model? Knowing I will reach my goal once and for all!
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