Getting better at saying no

Friday, April 02, 2010

Well today is such a gorgeous day, sunny and 80, not a cloud in the sky. We decided to cookout at work. So my boss was nice enough to buy us lunch. We had burgers and chips and I haven't had chips in months.... I decided to let myself have a few and allow for the calories someplace else. I literally counted out 7 1/2 chips which is 75 calories! It's hard to believe that 15 potato chips is 150 calories!

Anyway, my co-workers find it quite amusing when I count chips, measure a tablespoon of peanut butter for my weight watchers english muffin, or whatever. I wanted more chips because they tasted good but realized that one, I didn't need the extra calories, and two I wasn't hungry, they just tasted good! The thought came and went and I was fine with telling myself no. I allowed myself a treat for 75 calories so that was my reward. It really is getting easier to say no to things.

In the past I wouldn't have been able to control the urge to have more but I can honestly say that I can now... I just need to listen to that voice saying NO!

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