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Thursday, April 01, 2010

alright, so it's april 1st... and this is not the way i wanted to start my month.

first off, due to some pretty crazy rain we had over the weekend and all day on monday and tuesday... when i went to the gym on tuesday morning, they were closed. entire front entrance was flooded and they said they had some water in the building, too. alright, so that sucks... then yesterday morning (wednesday) i had to go get my 3rd root canal in less than 3 months done, plus a filling. great way to start my day off. then i get home, and i'm exhausted, and numb as heck because it took 4 shots of novacaine... so i popped some advil and took a lil nap.. woke up with a fat lip and had to go down to H&R Block to get my taxes done (finally) ... got some really good news there, so that was cool.

so then i call my gym this morning, and they're not picking up... so i take the ride down there just to check it out.. and they're still flooded.. the whole parking lot is full of water.. and i saw them trying to remove water from the entrance... so i'm pretty sure they won't be open til AT LEAST tuesday... and this is REALLY REALLY REALLY upsetting me. i'm so angry that it makes me feel like crying. i've been doing SO awesome for the last month, i REALLY wanted to start April off great, and the gym being closed has me really down... i've literally got tears in my eyes right now and my dad was like, well why don't you just hop on the treadmill?? and i said, that's not what i'm focusing on right now!!! i'm focusing on LIFTING! this is derailing me! i don't want to go to another area gym and pay a "per day" fee to workout in an environment that i'm not even used to just because my gym (that i'm PAYING for) is closed due to flooding! i can only pray that i don't lose the muscle and gains that i've made in march due to this. i feel so distraught right now, and i'm sure a bunch of you will read this and think, for god's sake wendi, just chill out.. take it as a couple rest days or something.. but i don't want to.. i know, i'm throwing a tantrum right now, but i can't help it.
this is not how i wanted this month to start. i will have to really go hard when they open again, and for the time being, really focus on my nutrition.. keep that on point.. and not let this impact all parts of my life... anyway, sorry for such a downer blog.. i'm just really upset and needed to vent.

gotta BRING IT in APRIL guys! 2 months away from june already!

much love,
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    Girl... I can only imagine how crappy you feel right now! You will NOT lose your muscle gains AS LONG AS you are continuing to workout at home! Like a previous comment, there are SO MANY ways to "lift" at home without ever lifting a single thing! (Think "push, pull" exercises) Do you have a resistance band? Use that for pumping up your biceps and triceps. Without any weight, you can challenge your chest and back (push-ups or plank) as well as your legs (one-legged squats, numerous lunges with PERFECT form!) Calf raises off of ANYTHING (I do them in the stand-up tanning bed LOL)

    There is no need to freak out that you can't get to the gym... you have all the tools at your fingertips RIGHT NOW... Just think OUTSIDE the box (and OUTSIDE the gym!) I have had my funnest workouts using just body weight, park benches and dirt piles... don't knock it till you try it!

    3820 days ago
    Hang in there Wendi! It will reopen soon! I know it isn't the same, but is there anything in your house you can lift? In a pinch I have used cans (not very heavy, but better than nothing) and even my daughter when she was little (lift and kiss - works for arms and legs!). Maybe an exercise video? Or, maybe you could go to the store and work on nutrition/meal plans for the week... I know it isn't the same - I HATE it when my workout plans get messed up!

    Hoping you will be back at the gym in the morning!

    3826 days ago
    Keep on keeping on.
    3826 days ago

    I know how you day off today and two of my kids are home sick, so I will be unable to go for a run or to the gym until my wife gets home tonight after dinner...
    Hope it all turns around for you quickly!
    3826 days ago
  • MELANIE19877
    Sorry you're having such a rough time with your gym. Mother nature sucks sometimes. I agree with the last person. Use your own body weight. Of course its not the same as free weights or machines but you can keep up the muscle mass that you've worked so hard for. There are a million and one ways to do pushs to help with chest and arms. Do chair dips for Tri's. Maybe you have a pull up bar or something you can use as one to work your back. Legs...squats lunges, etc. Hopefully, they'll open up pretty soon.
    3826 days ago
    Keep the strength in your arms by doing push up, maybe? I know what you mean and you have every right to feel the way you do. The rain and flooding is something we have never seen in our lifetimes. Let's hope it dries as fast as it can and life can get back to "normal" asap! Cheer up soon!
    3826 days ago
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