New Bookcase in Roob's Kitchen!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We have a center island that has a raised ledge on one side - too high to use as a countertop, and 'dead space' beneath it. However, I do kind of like it, since it faces into the family room, so it kind of hides my prep area from view.

I had no place on the main floor for a bookcase for my cookbook collection, and it was really a pain to have to go upstairs to our 'lair' every time I wanted to look up a recipe.

I found a really great finish carpenter/kitchen remodeler - he custom built a bookcase for the space under the counter, and installed my new 900 cfm exhaust hood - woot! - a couple of days ago. I still need to do a little touch-up painting on the base, but I'm SO pleased with how this turned out! It really seems to complete the kitchen, and I am THRILLED to have my precious cookbooks close at hand now!

In a few weeks, I will have a Wolf dual-fuel range instead of the cooktop and oven. I CAN'T WAIT. Cooking is my favorite thing! I didn't gain all this weight on mac & cheese out of a box and McDonalds - lol!

And I'm also down another pound - I'm on the good side of 280 for several days now - it's been a long-a$$ time since I've been there. Yay for the Wii and Walk It Out, and my new pedometer! Speaking of the pedometer - by the time I'd hauled my cookbooks downstairs and put them away a few at a time I'd done more than 1000 steps. It was a great 45 minute workout especially with the stairs - I was drenched.
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