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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

emoticonI am feeling terrible these days, I am on the Atkins Diet and have been cheating, I did it finally after a year and a half, I ate PASTA emoticonI have the type of personality that if I cheat once I feel like its the end of all my hard work and I just keep cheating. Well the end results of course is weight gain emoticonI recently bought the Sparks book and I love SPARKSPEOPLE so I thought maybe try to follow Sparks diet plans but I am so scared. I feel like eating carbs is bad and I am afraid to go back to the carbs. I have had many days thinking about this and have decided now that I will stick with low carbs but try to use that in the Sparks Diet emoticonI know it will take me a while to try to figure out how I will do this but I need to do something quick because I feel the weight gain and have already thrown out all my other clothes because I lost weight. I think at times I am afraid to try another type of diet because I had such a great weight loss with Atkins and I have never been able to see that before then. Well its been days I have been thinking about this and I needed to get it out and written as that sometimes helps me realize I need to do something.
emoticonfor hearing me out. emoticon
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    I am also a low-carber, but not on any specific plan. I did Atkins a few years back and just found it too restrictive. So I do my own thing. I do eat carbs, just very few and very carefully. And it's working. I've lost weight and I'm satisfied.

    Sounds to me like you're being a little too hard on yourself. Remember, this isn't a quick overnight cure. It's a total lifestyle change and it takes time. You're only human, and sometimes you just need to cut yourself a break. It's okay to "cheat" once in awhile, it won't undo all the hard work you've already done. In fact, I've found that once a craving sets in, for me it's better to give in to it right away and eat a moderate amount. Then the craving usually goes away, and I'm right back on track the next day. But if I try to fight it, it gets worse and stronger, until I can't fight anymore and end up on a binge. Then I'm a week or more recovering from it.

    I agree with Finearsesoon... check out the low carb teams. Some are more active than others, but all are supportive and will give you good ideas. emoticon
    3780 days ago
    I feel so much better when I watch my carbs..but they sure can be tempting sometimes! Have you thought of joining any of the low carb Spark groups? There are a lot of supportive people in these groups. If you're interested, go to my Sparkpage..I think I joined 'em all. :-) You'll be okay...just have to refocus. I know how that feels...
    3780 days ago
  • NANNER2121
    I also did Atkins a few years back. Sure it worked, but I wasn't satisfied. I missed so many things that were "banned" and yet are so good for you, like fresh fruit. And like everyone else, when I began to eat sensibly, the weight all came back.
    Now I count calories, cut out the "bad" stuff like baked goods and sugars and increase the exercise.
    The weight comes off slower, but is staying off even when I "cheat" and I don't feel guilty if I do have a slice of pie! Now, that success!!
    Re-introduce carbs to your daily plan slowly and adjust your exercise as needed so you won't gain back quickly and lose faith. But I am not convinced Atkins or any other "diet" plan is a good thing. And trust me, I've tried most of them at one time or another.
    3788 days ago

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    I have a co-worker who did the Atkins diet and lost a bunch of weight. She slowly added carbs back and gained weight but then started a work-out program and lost it all plus more. I believe that you must consume a balanced diet that includes carbs in order to be healthy. Try using only whole grains and stay away from whites...sugar, white flour, etc. It will help to keep you fuller and is good for you, also. If you convince yourself that there are no "bad" foods, you are more likely to be successful. I have started a new plan in which I am very careful for six days and allowing myself to splurge on the seventh. I have heard that this is very successful. Hang in there...tomorrow is always a new day for a fresh start!
    3788 days ago
    you might try south beach . it is healthy but closer to atkins than the spark diet which is very carb heavy.
    3788 days ago
    Remember the old Spark adage: There are no bad foods! Everything in moderation. I do have SparkFriends who MUST stick to a low-carb diet for health reasons, but if you don't have those, no need to be afraid of carbs.
    3788 days ago
    Carbs are good! I'm no scientist, but from everything I've learned from the Spark diet they help you burn fat! So even if you want to stick to a low carb diet, if you "cheat" every once in awhile, don't worry about it!

    If you do honestly want to stick with low carb diets check out some of the recipes from Stage 3 of the South Beach diet. My dad was on it when I was in high school and college so I cooked a lot of it. Not only is it tasty, and healthy, it sounds like its right up your alley!
    3788 days ago
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