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Mid-week musings

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My goal for this week was actually related to getting enough sleep. So I've been being a good girl shutting down the computer a little earlier and getting myself to bed on time. After doing a little "OD" on the basketball, and of course, son's leave time... it's a good week to emphasize sleep.

Meanwhile, suddenly it's not just Spring, it's close to Summer. That's the way the seasons change around here... Winter one day, Summer the next... and a few days intermixed of the two constitute what passes for Spring and Fall. Things are greening up, and I'm thinking about yard work.

Confession: I am NOT a yard work person. For one thing, plants make me sneeze. Yeah, hay fever, big time sufferer. So I have this love/hate relationship with nice weather. As often as not while everyone else is raving about how gorgeous it is, I'm hiding from it! As contrary as this may sound, one of the best things I did for my fitness last year was to hire someone else to mow my lawn!

Then I was better about doing other things, not being busy either mowing or dreading mowing. I took the dog for walks. I lifted weights. I didn't worry about getting the mowing done during "nice" weather. In the end, I was in better shape and happier for it.

Anybody else have rewards / strategies that help your health even while they sound "odd" to conventional wisdom?
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    Sleep is a big item for me. If I don't get enough - my brain functions at a minimal level, and I have trouble doing ordinary things during the day. A couple of sleepless nights in a row will leave me with the beginning of a head cold.

    I believe that sleep is healing. It's good you have focused on getting enough.

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    3007 days ago
    I can relate to yard work imposing on a healthy schedule, not to mention golf now that the weather’s turned nice. (I’m sorry for your hay fever, but I’m one of those loving this…)

    This may sound like the antithesis of your goal of gaining more sleep, but I’m going to start getting up earlier. You’ve been great about exercising after work, but if I don’t get it in first thing, it just doesn’t get done.

    Not much help… emoticon
    3007 days ago
    I am definitely a sun and heat avoider since they make me feel weak and terrible! None of that exercising during the time most other people are enjoying what they call good weather!

    I do some veggie gardening during the evening when the sun is waning and so is the heat. Also the allergens seem most prevalent in the morning, so that is a good time to estivate (like hibernating, but in the summer).
    3007 days ago
    For a few years, hanging laundry outside and gardening were not considered in vogue. Now the tide has turned and it is acceptable to do both. The extra activity from using the clothesline equates to using less electricity and natural gas.
    Gardening is a fine art (most days) and having the opportunity and the space to
    do it creates endless possibilities for stretching, bending, etc. All the fresh air can work wonders for those who do not suffer from allergies, hay fever and the like. Last on my list is opening the windows and turning off the AC. I did that last night and we all slept so good!
    Take care and leave the mowing to someone else. Your body will thank you for it!
    3007 days ago
    I have allergies too ... some days I just want to stay in the air conditioning, which sometimes feels like a waste of a day but I have to say - some days it's better than dealing with the allergies.

    Great job on getting enough sleep! That's a goal I'm working on myself.
    3007 days ago
    I love it! Why suffer doing something that makes you ill when it is so simple to hire someone to do it, leaving you free to do things that increase your health. Of course, I also heartily concur because I'm not supposed to get too much sun exposure (at the beach, which I love, I'm always under an umbrella with 50 SPF). So, even when I lived in Florida, I was inside reading my book while everyone else was lounging around the pool. It helped that our sliders folded into the wall, making the living room a part of the "outside," but still people thought it was odd that I would be indoors on such beautiful days.
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    3007 days ago
    I think my whole life falls under the category of strange, odd, weird...

    I think finding Your Way is ideal! Whatever it takes, whatever works, do it!
    3007 days ago
    I can empathize and identify with you. People constantly ask why don't you walk outside? Then they say walking on the treadmill all the time must be boring. I don't feel I need to tell everyone I suffer from allergies.

    I also have a love hate relationship with gardening & yard work. I love plants, but am allergic to the hard work part of gardening. emoticon

    Seriously I don't think you should feel guilty about hiring someone to do yard work. It keeps you from having an allergy or asthma attack so it is for your health.

    3007 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/31/2010 10:03:28 AM
    You are doing the right thing, avoiding activity that bothers your allergies! My problem with allergies is the dust and snow mold. We have not had much snow and warmer weather than normal, melting it all, and with our constant winds, it has been one big dust bowl, and I have had difficulty breathing and sleeping for three weeks now. So I have had to avoid outdoor activity. No greening in sight here, usually doesn't happen until late May. Dog walking is the best activity, and they will love you for it!
    I have been dealing with a slow healing broken elbow for two months (and another slow month to go!), but I have been able to maintain my weight as I am doing lots of cardio DVD's with strength training with my left hand, as well as time on the elliptical. I really do miss my Curves workouts, I am going to be so out of shape for those machines when I finally can get back to it.
    I also miss my aquafit, but with 13 DVD's to choose from I am not getting bored and my body isn't getting used to what I am doing. I am hoping when it finally heals that I can go to this mineral hot spring pool for a few days. Its called the healing waters, and people actually move there to use it daily as they say it helps their various ailments. I imagine soaking in 105 degree water every day would make anyone feel good :)!
    Stay the course, we can do it!
    3007 days ago
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