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Sorry To The Boys, But You Really Can Suck Sometimes

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

That time is approaching in So. Cal. It's spring, and with spring comes the inevitable thoughts of swimsuit shopping. Yes, I know, some of you are dealing with 35 degree weather, but it is 80 here today, and by late April, many of us will be lounging around pools and trekking to the beach.

Now, I am a girl, and regardless of any weight loss, I have bathing suit shopping anxiety. I am not going near a bikini yet. I am just looking for something cute, since I have nothing that fits now that I have lost 50 pounds. In fact, the swimsuit from last year was tossed already. I already informed my shopping accomplice, A, who is currently at law school, that when she returns there will be shopping for a new suit on her next break. After all it is her house I will spend lounging around the pool when she returns for the summer. But I have to get up the courage in the meantime to enter those dressing rooms. Online shopping I go, looking at pics of various styles.

I find a few things and something in particular that looks a bit retro by Allen B. It's here if you want a peek.

It has attachable straps, and I thought I could also make a halter strap with my nifty sewing skills. That way, I would have various looks.

Randomly, I show the boyfriend and say, "I like this."

To which he responds, "Cute, but do they have your size?" Which would have been fine, if he hadn't then added, "Because she looks small."

Mind you I have worked my butt off literally, and have gone from a 16 to a 6 in jeans, which he is well aware of. So the after thought bubble to insert after the small remark is 'and you do not because you are a cow.' Bastard.

Okay, he didn't actually say the cow part. And the 'you do not' part was insinuated. Still...bastard.

I could really understand this if, IF, I was still a plus sized gal and trying to shop in the misses section of a store. That would be a perfectly reasonable thing to ask. I would not be ticked off at all. I faced that dilemma for years, and the disappointment of them not having a size big enough. But now? Seriously?!

I may have issues with the mirror and self awareness with my body, but it has been getting better, and I certainly know what size clothes I wear. He says he didn't mean it, but that is not what it sounds like to me.

Sorry, but I had to vent. At least I know who I am.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    YOU are beautiful!! The suit is super-cute and boys are stupid.

    I've gotten to the point in my life (I'll be 46 this month) that I don't need to, nor will I, tolerate people in my life who treat me less than I deserve to be treated. I suggest you take the same stand!

    =) hugs. Kelli
    3276 days ago
  • no profile photo ALICEART2010
    Size 6 is tiny. I was probably a 6 in junior high school. That suit is *SO* adorable and I'm pretty picky. But I've learned not to be so picky anymore due to the limited number of cute fat clothes.
    3298 days ago
    OMG! what an adorable suit!!! You are going to look so cute!!!
    And yes, boys say/do stupid things at times- that is what jewelry stores are for.... Looks like someone else needs to also go shopping ;)
    3308 days ago
    get the suit that you want and don't show him till you rock it!
    3310 days ago
  • LISSA1976
    Thanks you guys. This is why I love Spark--all that great support from great people when I am feeling angry and/or low. You guys have been awesome to me today!
    3310 days ago
    Can ya strap a bullet to the next one, honey? Thanks!

    And GIRL!, from a 16-6?! Okay, I just celebrated GETTING to 16!!!
    That's inspiring to me!

    I'm proud of you, and it sounds like a lot of other gals are too :)
    and I KNOW he is as well..
    sometimes, they just slip on their own words.

    They're a whole lot less complicated than we are.
    I've learned from my hubbs that when he says something, if I take it one way, it was meant the other way...cause he didn't WANT me to blow up at him hhahaha..

    When I show him what i took from what he said, and he realizes he made a big mistake with his words.

    I'm sure he's sorry, girl.
    I can't beleive you're worried about swimsuits!
    I'd be going nuts in clothing stores if I were at size six!

    My lowest will probably be a 10 or 8. :)
    Looking forward to those numbers in a few years!

    Good luck shopping!
    3310 days ago
    The boy needs a brain realignment! What he said is uncalled for and I am sorry that you were subjected to his unkind, thoughtless, not to mention mean and hurtful comment. Perhaps you need to re-think your choice of boy "friend?".

    3310 days ago
    UCKKKGHGHGH!!!!! That's the best I can describe the sound I made when I read your boyfriend's comment. Men can be great, but they can also be really stupid clueless bastards sometimes. Forget his stupid comment and BE PROUD of the fact that you've accomplished SOOO MUCH!!!!

    I know it can be really really hard to let go of some meaningless stupid comment, because it's so easy to get sidetracked and start worrying about "ugh, do I really look good or am I just deluding myself? After all, I don't look as good as her... or I'm not as muscular/skinny/whatever as her....". But DON'T GET SIDETRACKED! You have done so much work and you are so beautiful just as you are and you are going to ROCK that bathing suit! emoticon
    3310 days ago
  • no profile photo MIRACLEINSIXTY
    ACK! Boys suck. And whatever, you're a size 6, you can totally rock that swimsuit!! and LOL to Littlebigwoman's comment! I agree hahahaha!
    3310 days ago
    Oh, no he didn't! GRRRRRR!!!!!!

    You could also make your own..."implied", INNOCENT remark about certain things seeming smaller than people think they are. But, I know that isn't in your sweet, patient, loving nature. And I also know that isn't the kind of light hearted joke that "you know who" would be able to appreciate. Oops! Did I go there? Yep. I did. LMAO! I love you girl!
    3310 days ago
    Wow, that sucks.

    I mean, I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt you but that doesn't change the fact he did.

    Size 6 is pretty small - smaller than average! Go you!
    3310 days ago
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