Bit by Spider Man

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My DH's birthday is next Saturday. He has been so incredibly busy at work with a gigantic contract. He is bringing work home with him and getting emails from his boss. He is not the only one, all the people involved in this contract is working overtime. So I decided I had to include something silly and funny for his birthday.

I was picking up a few necessities at the 99 Cent store today and kept seeing all the Easter Baskets, candy, basket "fillers" and it struck me that hiding an Easter Basket for him would be unexpected. So I began gathering the regular "stuff" for an Easter Basket. BUT my mind shifted into high gear and I began cruising the aisles for the unexpected. Found items for cleaning the car (he is always looking for stuff like that)...then I actually found a DVD he would enjoy...some "treats" he can give to Penny Dog...then I saw the "hook"....ALL these Spider Man thingees. Wow, just a lot of it....So....I selected what I thought he would get a kick out of - a puzzle, a plastic wallet, a glider, ....a ....coloring book (forgot to get crayons - drat), a notebook folder. I had a roaring good time and had to remember not to talk to myself or start laughing out loud over my silly imagination. I did whisper to myself, "Well little spidee, you sure reached out and grabbed me - hope you can do the trick with DH."

As I was gathering all my treasures, a sweet little lady walked by me and said, "How wonderful, you are making an Easter Basket for your grandson?....I thought....then replied, "No, I am making a basket for my.... "little boy".....She smiled and added, "You are a good mom."....I didn't volunteer anymore information.

Right now everything is hidden in my car. I'll sneak them in tomorrow, arrange the basket and hide it until next Saturday....Yes, he will have to look for it....Hope he finds it before Penny Dog does; Penny Dog will rip that basket apart - only way out is hide it up high - not as much fun.

That's all folks to my crazy afternoon.

Oh,... I'm on my 42nd day of my personal challenge. Only 151 days left to go. I am doing alright. Haven't had any EE at night (praise be); calories within range; on task with exercise; LOVE having almost no headaches.

Thanks for listening, Rusty

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