Mommy Boot Camp

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My kids crack me up. I was working out on my gazelle, and my daughter (10) somehow decided she was going to become my own personal trainer. She stood there, and was telling me to go faster and counting for me. It was hilarious. Even more funny was when she was say to go faster, somehow and for some reason, I did. Cue my son (3) to start mimicking his big sis. He was repeating her word for word. The bright side to all this is while some may have to pay to have a trainer, apparently I have 2 of my very own. :)

On to even more good news for the week, I have dropped inches. I haven't measured myself lately since the scale was moving down and that was good enough for me. I lost my one pound this week, and had some time, so I decided to crack out the tape measure. I lost 2.5 inches off my waist since I had measured about 6 weeks ago. I lost an inch off my hips. My calves haven't lost anything, but I have really muscular calves. I probably won't ever lose anything off them since I can't even pinch anything on them. I guess I should start measuring my thighs. lol That can stand to lose something. :)

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