Beach challenge: starting point

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm a little excited this morning because I just made a deal with my husband. He's been trying to find ways to help me get back on track and motivated to lose the weight I've gained living in Japan (Oh, Japanese candies and treats, why do you have to be so tasty!?!) and I've been struggling with willpower and determination.

The first fireworks show at our closest beach (about a half hour train ride away) is July 25. We went to one last August and it was so much fun watching the fireworks light up the night sky over the ocean--and I want to go back this year! The deal is this: I have until July 4 to get back down to my goal weight and start maintaining. My reward (and motivating push) will be going to the beach and looking fabulous in a bikini again!

-There are 14 weeks (starting tomorrow) until July 4.

-Losing 1 pound a week would put me at goal by May 30, my one year wedding anniversary.

-I'm okay with losing slower than that, though.

-I'll be weighing and measuring myself on Sundays and I'll blog about it for anyone who is interested

I am hopeful that this is just the push I needed. I am definitely someone who is motivated by tangible things like training in order to run a race, or losing inches to fit into a certain article of clothing. Maybe you are different, we all are.

My goal is not only to lose weight, but to tighten up my body. I miss having abs and toned legs. I'll be working out five days a week (three cardio and two ST sessions) at least.

I'm also going to be tracking my nutrition and calories during this challenge.

Waist: 29 inches
At bellybutton: 33.5 inches
Hips: 36 inches
L thigh: 22 inches
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