What about the starving children?

Friday, March 26, 2010

This blog is not really about starving children, though that subject pulls at my heartstrings. This is about the conditioning many of us received as children, telling us to clean our plate, for after all, there are starving children in this world. Reality check - how is the food from my plate going to get to the starving children? Please don't think I am taking this subject lightly. In my family, we eat low on the food chain, recycle, compost and garden. We tithe and share our bounty. BUT - if you are like me, there is that little tape playing in your head, "Wasting food by not cleaning your plate is a sin!". Anyhow, I am also the mom of six children, the youngest of whom is a sophomore in college. There is a tendency for moms to feel the need to finish the food on our children's plates - you know - because of the starving children. Since I didn't do the starving children thing with my kids, there were scraps left on their plates. Hence the need for me to become a human garbage can and balloon to my highest weight ever, 339#. I have since lost a lot of that weight and regained part of it. BUT - again - How do you quit the clean plate club? I think many adults don't even realize they are members. Mindful eating helps here. I decided that leftover food scraps are as much garbage on my body as they are in the trash (or better, the compost pile). That is true also for fast food and any foods that don't help in our journey to wellness. I am not suggesting that we all waste food needlessly. I am suggesting that we mindfully consider if a food choice would amount to putting garbage on our bodies. I hope that this blog does not offend anyone and that nobody misunderstands what I am saying. When I lost 200# 7 years ago, my mantra was "This is as much garbage on my body as it is in the trash". This is another way to mindfully choose what we consume. Namaste.
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    Offend? Not at all....I think this is an AWESOME concept. What insight!
    2978 days ago
    I think part of the mindset for our parents generation has to do with when they grew up. I'm in my fifties which means that my parents grew up in the Great Depression of the 1930s. Waste was something that you did not do. That being said, no those kids in China were not getting my steak or anything else from my plate...another guilt trip for us kids. A visualization for the clean the food from our children's plate would be to think of that garbage can. You wouldn't eat out of the kitchen trash bin, right?
    2982 days ago
    My parents never made me clear the plate. They'd cover the whole plate in saran wrap and I'd have to eat it for the next meal. Its a habit I still have to this day when I can't finish my food.

    Its not going on your body, but its not going in the garbage either.
    2982 days ago
    I still have issues with the whole clean plate thing, now I use a smaller plate. Good for you for not passing on this issue to your children.
    2982 days ago
  • GAL8DY
    2982 days ago
    Oh I like that, put the garbage in the trash, not on the body!!!
    2982 days ago
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