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This week on LOST (completely unrelated to healthy lifestyle issues)

Thursday, March 25, 2010 how many of my fellow Losties just LOVED this week's episode?

Richard has always been one of my favorite characters (I love characters shrouded in mystery, and he certainly had alot of THAT!) and so I was hoping for alot from this episode...but in the end, I am happy to report that Tuesday night's episode far exceeded expectations.

Not only did we learn of his heartwrenching (and sob-iliciously romantic!) backstory, but we also learned a whole bunch about the how the statue got destroyed and why the Black Rock ended up in the middle of the jungle. And of course there was all the detail about the Jacob/MIB feud...and about the purpose of the Island itself! Nestor Carbonell really did a great job on this episode - especially in the scenes where all of the other prisoners have been killed by Smoky and he is trying to escape his chains, the scene with Jacob...and the scene near the end with Isabelle and Hurley (almost cried during that one - something I've not done since The Constant!).

I watched the episode again tonight...and I think it's gonna end up being one of my favorite LOST episodes ever. Certainly the best so far this season, and I LOVED Sundown, Dr. Linus, and The Lighthouse and thought they were top grade!

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    I loved this episode so much it has made me even more sad that it's ending. I read an article by someone that hated this episode. I think they are LOST!

    I love Lost as much as I love any show ever. For different reasons, but it's such an escape and so easy on the eyes! (landscape and manscape!)
    4103 days ago
    Yes, this was a good episode. We've been seeing Richard for so long, but knew practically nothing about him. One thing I was really surprised about was how old he was. I mean, we knew it seemed like he didn't age, but he was talking about wanting to go to the "New World"! I didn't think he was that old! I think my favorite scene was one of the ones you mentioned, the one with Richard and Hurley and Isabelle. I'm going to be so sad when Lost is over forever!
    4103 days ago
    Finally, I was able to watch a night of LOST without VCR mishaps...mostly because I was off work that night, and could watch it in real time. And I have to agree, I really enjoyed it, and enjoyed seeing Richard's story. Love that we finally know (maybe? with the LOST writers, you never really KNOW everything) why he's "ageless", and why the ship is there, the statue, etc. etc.

    I'm still scratching my head over the flash-sideways. Is it what might have been, or is it a concurrent reality, or what? They keep introducing material that had never been hinted at before (Jack has a son?, James, is a detective?), so what is this, really? Anyway, I'm glad they replay the episodes the next week, with the subtitled enhancements. They remind me of all the stuff I've forgotten. I can see I'll need to buy the complete series on DVD, eventually.
    4103 days ago
    This is a show that I never got hooked on and never had a great interest in. Until I found out that Nestor Carbonell was in it. Now, after I get through Rescue Me, I'll give some love to this show.
    4103 days ago
    I loved it! Too bad this is the final season emoticon
    4103 days ago
  • 1888MICHELLE
    I like Richard too, but since Jacob died, he's been a raving lunatic. Even the wild look in his eyes is scary!!
    4103 days ago
  • _UMAMI_
    Having Lost withdrawal symptoms already---planning our Spring outings around the last episodes!

    My husband was TOTALLY enamored of this episode. I was more WTF? But I'm also under the weather and wanted my "usual" Lost fix.

    (and I feel bad about sending my kids off for two hours while I get my "Lost" fix.)
    4104 days ago
    I loved it as well, can't believe there are only 8 hours left!!! emoticon
    4104 days ago
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