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Gotta stop poppin' maltballs & get back to moving toward healthier life

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm sluggish, I'm popping maltballs like medication to manage stress. I'm searching the fridge for whatever will satisfy my current craving - salty, sweet, carbs...I think of exercising - on occassion, but that's as far as it goes. It's not even on my list these days. I had it on my lists for many weeks, and it was always a very low priority. My lists are so long. It's 8 AM and I already have over 20 items on todays list. And there are some big items on that list. We've just managed our way through the roughest part of a tough emotional storm of stressors, but we are barely past it. We are nowhere near out of it. We resorted to the old standby emotional eating. In between we've managed to keep preparing healthy meals with lots of whole grains and produce, but those side trips rummaging for junk has cost us. It would have cost us more if we went as far as topramen type meals. It really cost us to drop exercise - it dropped a really important coping mechanism. Even a short walk would help me manage stress better. With nothing, stress has been nailing me. Physical ailments are popping up, I'm zapped of energy, I feel 10 years older, I look 10 years older, I'm not accomplishing nearly as much, I can't think straight and worst of all my mood is diving - robbing me of the desire to even try. I got really down there, further down than I've been in years. Scarey hopeless from being overwhelmed. It was short bouts, not long sustained periods, but it's really a wake up call. I've got to get back to moving toward a healthier life. If I even START moving, I feel better. I gotta move. A walk. A bit of stretching. Some dancing, even if I just sway. Gotta get that get up and go music pumping. Oh yeah, I should pump a little iron also. Now that's all good and fine..I should...but now I've
Why do we moms put ourselves last????
I've had at least 7 interruptions since I started this blog, my 15 year old and my 6 year old - and I have a babysitter! He's feeding the baby in the livingroom! Somehow I have to reprogram myself to make myself a priority. It's a matter of quality of life. I hurt all the time - if I stretch and get to moving I won't. I'm a worse parent when I'm in pain, I'm not as patient, fun or mobile to do activities. Feeling physically limited by pain is destroying my will to do anything -except search for a way to games...workaholic... and my quality of work is really poor. I'm ADD. It's definitely true that if I exercise something in my brain works way better. The brain fog is awful. Instead of enjoying life, I'm hiding from it. It's spring, my favorite season. This morning my partner and I came up with a challenge. We get a break from all responsibilities for every minute we exercise. 2 hr. limit a day. 1 hr. limit of stretching /yoga. I'm responsible for lining up childcare, payable immediately. We are sooo fried, we are both very motivated to earn even 15 minutes of reading, sculpting, painting, being ....uninterrupted. So, I'm off to earn my first break....And this is with 60 pages of taxes hanging over me... emoticon
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    HA! I downed a major amount of maltballs a couple weeks ago. Evil little things. ;) I can relate to so much of what you write about. I know that feeling of knowing what will make you feel better but not feeling as though you can get out from under "the list". The brain wiring that interferes with the brain function. All hard stuff. But you are here. Like WildRice says, 10 minutes. Heck, 5 minutes for me can be a darn good start. Maybe it is for you too. emoticon
    3245 days ago
    i feel for you,i know exactly what it is like, i have been there done that.funnily enough i have thought my way out of it and for the first time recantly i have also overcome my emotional eating that has been with me since the birth of my first child.i wrote the blog every cloud has a silver lining the other day explaining in detail how i beat my emotional eating this is a stratagy i plan to use again and it it might help.way to go on your stratagy using exercise mins = me time.hope it works.i personally see my exercise as the me time as it is good for me ,helps me relieve my tenstions and stress.and on the + i canĀ“t eat and exercise at the same time.doing it your way you have double the me time. emoticon
    3285 days ago
    Start with 10 minutes a day! You can do it. You are worth every minute.
    3287 days ago
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