To Plan or Not To Plan..? PLAN IT IS!!! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

So I'm a planner and like to make mini-goals and PLAN!! hehe
I am really going to buckle down for April to slim down and lean out for our cruise and bikini season!!!!!!
My plan is as follows:
M,W,F: 8-11km runs with my bebe in a jogging stroller & puppy along side to protect me from neighbour dogs and strange people lol
T,R: 5km runs again with "the crew"
Weekends: Try to go for an hours walk with DH & the rest of the crew. emoticon
***I want to do the get up, get naked and get crunchin' idea/challenge for the month of April to get some abs rockin' emoticon

Eating wise, just 'trim' the naughtiness out as much as possible but otherwise, keep doing what I've been doing, it's working!!!!!! emoticon

So here it goes...

CW 03/24/10: 140.6

03/27/10: GW: 139.0 WI:
04/03/10: GW: 137.0 WI:
04/10/10: GW: 135.0 WI:
04/17/10: GW: 133.0 WI:
04/24/10: GW: 131.0 WI:
05/1/10: GW: 129.0 WI:

Soooo 2lbs a week is doable but I really gotta kick my own butt and get out there and make it happen!!!

My goals in general are as follows:
Drink my 8 cups of water everyday emoticon
Burn 3500 cals a week emoticon
Eat right and encourage my DH to join in on the health kick!!

Wish me luck please!!! Might need to have some serious support from you guys, more than usual!!! lol

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