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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without you consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

I have been busy cleaning off a number of self-help books that I had the opportunity to pick up this past weekend at you know where...the gigantic used book sale...seemed silly not to help with the cause by not getting some of the books myself.

Anyway, I have been scanning through some of them and all of the ones I looked at had a section on the subject of "inferior feelings".

How true it is that as adults we are actually giving others consent to belittle us, tear us down, you name it. It is time that we quit doing that.

Short, sweet blog today. I am going to go read and think more on this subject. It is an awful habit I wish to get rid of - I can't donate it or gift it - I can only THROW it away.

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    Eleanor Roosevelt was a very kind and wise woman and one of my "sheroes". There's a website of letters kids wrote to her during the Depression and a book called "Thank You Mrs. Roosevelt" about a little girl who faces eviction during the Depression who writes to her... She had a horrible childhood despite being born into "society" and she was shunned by her own mother due to her homely looks. Thanks for the quote and reminder to stay strong and believe in yourself no matter what anybody else says to put you down.
    3891 days ago
  • JANEDOE12345
    You know what? emoticon I am sick of people NOT admitting that they really DO put others down about fat. Our culture lays a lot of negative energy out there toward obesity and it is very hard to scrape up a happy outlook when every soul around you is all superior due to their tiny dress size. Discriminating about fat is everywhere and it enrages and saddens me.

    Rant over, feels better,


    3898 days ago
    Thanks for being strong.

    Jane on Guam
    3901 days ago
    Another great and insightful blog! emoticon
    3901 days ago
  • WALNUT5612
    I also think that the people who try to make us feel inferior are actually the ones who feel inferior, so they have to step on someone to elevate themselves. Good blog!
    3901 days ago
    Some people seem to just THRIVE on making others feel inferior. We need to surround ourselves with positive upbeat people that offer support and just shrug off the belitters. They are the ones with a problem! Hugs to you, Rhonda
    3901 days ago
    Oh so true but we still let them do it wish there was a simple answer to this. I love self help books I hope you enjoy yours.
    3901 days ago
  • GLM19566
    This is one of my favorite quotes - Thanx
    3901 days ago
    I recently commented on another Sparkbuddy's blog something very similar to this... that we shouldn't give in to others who try to sabotage us, or make us feel bad about ourselves!
    3901 days ago
  • no profile photo IRISH_AGUIRRE
    I'll second that motion! I hate feeling inferior, yet I keep falling back on it. I have what is called the "Impostor Syndrome" - I know that someday, everyone will figure out that I really am an unintelligent person & poor teacher. (This after a doctorate with top marks & awards for my teaching.) When I'm being rational, I can suppress those feelings somewhat, but they keep coming back. My DH is the same way. So, if you feel like sharing the wealth of your newfound knowledge, I'd love tips for throwing away those feelings for good. Here's to seeing ourselves for what we are - beautiful, intelligent, vibrant beings!
    3902 days ago
    that's why positive thinking and talking is important ;^)
    3902 days ago
    I guess this is a struggle many of us. I'm still a work in progress. Good luck on your journey. Let me know about the titles you really like. I'm a self help book junky!
    3902 days ago
    We should never give ANYONE the power to determine a thumb's up or thumb's down on the value of our self worth.

    3902 days ago
    You are so right! I'm such a people-pleaser that I have to constantly remind myself that it's OK to disappoint people.

    I don't have to be perfect or meet someone else's expectations. When I make mistakes, I don't have to feel sad because someone else wanted me to do better.
    3902 days ago
    I love self-help books -- got so many. Inferior feelings is not my problem though, I think it's more just believing in myself and finding motivation. Congrats on your weight loss this week! emoticon
    3902 days ago
    3902 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5198989
    Who, little ole unimportant me?
    3902 days ago
    I have to fend off inferior feelings as well. Positve affirmations have helped me build up my self-esteem. Also, just being thankful for all the blessings and gifts that God has bestowed on me helps a lot. We all have flaws and weaknesses. I like the saying, "Even broken crayons make bright colors."
    3902 days ago
  • JREA24
    Yes, I have adults concede to this. We are 100% responsible for our lives.
    3902 days ago
    Let me know if you find out how to get rid of it too. I actually hate that saying because I don't think I am contributing to letting others make me feel bad and I guess I just don't get it.
    3902 days ago
  • MARYANN1943
    So very true. I often find myself feeling bad because of some negative comment made by other people about my personal self which is truly none of their business.

    3902 days ago
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