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The first bikini photos and my life today :-)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Firstly, to all my spark friends sorry if I haven't made the time to drop by and say hi for a while....I will make the effort over the next few days emoticon

Now, I took a video of me in my bikini earlier, pointing out my problem areas and detailing what I will be doing over the next 12 weeks.....but like my last iphone video upload, it didn't work, grrrrrrr!! emoticon

I have posted a collage of these photos on my spark every day that I log on I will see them and remind myself of the work I need to do to get that bikini body!! emoticon
.....hopefully it won't be green like this though!?!

So yesterday I bought myself two bikinis in a UK size 8 (US 4). The tops are a little tight, but fit just fine on the bust, so I hope that my boobs don't shrink any more, although I'm not sure that would even be possible! emoticon

The bottoms are definitely too small....muffin top, muffin thighs, muffin everywhere spilling over the sides, but that's okay as I plan on losing another 26lbs for these to fit!! emoticon

I guess I should actually show you what the bikinis look like on!!

Bikini #1 front view - tight across my thighs, but the top is flattering enough for my flat chest!

Side view - letting it all hang out, no breathing in for this shot and you can really see my pot belly shape!

Back view - I think my shoulders look quite nice already in this one :-)

Bikini #2 - the top ties at the back so I have no problem with the fit as I can just tie it tighter or looser! The bottoms look tighter than the other pair, I think they cut a little lower, so will need more ab work to wear these!

Side view showing the belly again :-(

Back view - this is better than I thought it would be, although you can see that my bikini bottoms are cut too small, showing more flesh than they should!! Not bad and I think with 26lbs lost a lot more flesh will be covered!!

So these are my new bikinis....I hope you like them!!
I find it so useful to see other people's real life body shots, showing the good and the bad and that's what I hope to do with these.......I can appreciate some parts of my body and also notice other parts that need work, which is a good balance I think! I am SO ready to wear a bikini this summer (I wore one last summer, but only around family, although even then I felt good about how I looked).

I will be updating my weigh ins every Saturday and trying on the bikini every week as well - although this may be on Mondays, when I have time to put it on, pose and take photos of myself! emoticon day today was busy, but fun....if doing nothing can be fun!?
I dropped my daughter at school and hit the gym for two hours....I'm upping my gym time again this week to really get results
Then I came home, had a breakfast shake (can't eat before the gym, which is bad I know, but hey it works for me). Then I bathed, got dressed, popped to the bank, picked up my aunt who came round for the afternoon, read some cookbooks, drank some tea, picked the kids up and made dinner......all very normal everyday stuff, but I was in a happy mood, so all was good :-)

Oh and whilst I was buying bikinis yesterday I also bought myself a new spring coat, here I am wearing it today...

I also bought some new shoes, so here's a pic of my feet too...

I have a thing about boy shoes!!

I think that's it for now.....time for a hot chocolate drink for me - options WHITE hot chocolate for 45 calories, seriously yummy.....and then I'm watching the delicious Miss Dahl and her new cookery programme (that's her in my new page background, looking rather delicious herself as she enjoys some of her own cooking)

Bye for now, xx

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Amazing weight loss just amazing. And it must be great to enjoy buying and choosing clothes. Not long to summer amd you'll be on that beach with the bikini no problem - I like the first one the best.
    3784 days ago
    wow, congrats on wearing a bikini. You never couldve done that "before". Very inspirational
    3810 days ago
  • P31W247
    3813 days ago
  • SLIMDOWN2010
    AMAZING! Thanks for inspiring as always.
    3813 days ago
  • 1234MICH1
    Girl!! I am so proud of you! You have been SUCH an inspitration to me!! I am just about to see 169, but I cannot wait to be where you are now!! 150 is my BIG Goal, then I may try to go down from there.... emoticon
    3818 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7070285
    I have a picture of Sophie Dahl on my MySpace page:<
    Colorful blog - thanks for posting & being a bikini-clad inspiration to us all.
    I like the first one the best but they are both super cute.

    I hid even when I had a body fit for a bikini - I had the most adorable little black two piece (with a single daisy on the front) but I STILL covered it with a tank top and shorts! This go 'round I'll change my ways.
    3822 days ago
    I thought about doing some bikini shots...then I couldn't do it...but now I'm thinking I wanna do it and see my progress to get to that bikini bod...then I think, "oh I'll never be able to wear a bikini"....see how back and forth I am? LOL You have inspired me...I'm going to give it some serious do have beautiul shoulders, and I like them both, but #2 is my favorite ! emoticon
    3822 days ago
    I did the SAME THING today! I did it back when I weighed around 165 and again today at 135. It's good for you to see the visual progress...and it's strangely liberating, too, was for me.
    3822 days ago
    I did the SAME THING today! I did it back when I weighed around 165 and again today at 135. It's good for you to see the visual progress...and it's strangely liberating, too, was for me.
    3822 days ago
    I did the SAME THING today! I did it back when I weighed around 165 and again today at 135. It's good for you to see the visual progress...and it's strangely liberating, too, was for me.
    3822 days ago
    Reading this post inspired me to take some bikini shots too, so thanks! I didn't buy one, but I went to the store and took some fotos in the dressing room, hehe, so I appreciate the inspiration! I think it's really helpful to take these photos of our progress to look back on. CONGRATS, you're looking great!
    3822 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4572709
    I looked at the bikini photos on your main page and I thought.. oh skinny girl why am I following HER? (Been away a while). Then I scrolled down.. OMG.. AWESOME! You must be so tremendously proud of yourself.
    3823 days ago
    I love love loooovveee your spring coat !!
    ahh.. those bikini shots .... don't have a bikini yet ... don't know if I'll ever wear one. .. but could be a great motivation !! ... YOU are a great motivation too ! :-) Congrats on all the great work you've already accomplish !! and emoticon , those other pounds will be off in no time ! :-)
    3823 days ago
    I like the blue and white one with the red ruffle, it just has a little more sass to it. You look amazing as always and all of your hard work inspires me to do more too. I have an appointment next week to try out a Tai Chi class at a Martial Arts school near my home! Keep up all the great work Pink!

    3826 days ago
    Keep up the good work. It is wonderful to have a goal to work toward. What a wonderful tool you have used , gives you something to aim for.
    Have a great day.
    3829 days ago
  • JWENZEL723
    you're looking great in those bikinis! your back looks sooooo good and toned! keep up the great work. if you lose another 26 pounds you are going to look FAB!
    3830 days ago
    When I first saw your pictures months ago, You inspired me to POST My pictures that not even my BF will be able to see LOL
    ... I does not matter how bad I think my body looks like I need to show my transformation because It does help other to see if you put effort into it YOU CAN transform your body little by little...

    Thank you for always being so honest and always showing the good the bad and the ugly of your journey...

    Thank You
    And you are amazing

    3831 days ago
    You are truly an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing this - emoticon
    3831 days ago
    Love this blog! Thanks for taking us on this journey with you. Can't wait to see the "after" photos!
    3832 days ago
  • SLIMDOWN2010
    Hey! Looking amazing, always inspiring. Thanks for the blog, it helps a lot to make me come back if I go off track, and want to stay from straying! emoticon
    3832 days ago
    Pink your HOT! I bought a two piece today and your making me put it on and take pics. I also need to buy more memory. My PC has too much on it.
    YOUR HOT!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!
    3832 days ago
    Aww good for you! Maybe I'll be brave enough one day to post pics of myself in a bikini. emoticon I loooove reading your blogs! emoticon
    3832 days ago
    Looking good and you'll be there in plenty of time for beach season.
    Keep up the great work and nice dolphin.
    3833 days ago
  • SHAY72
    emoticon ,i'm on the sidelines cheering u on.
    3833 days ago
    Very brave--you are one of the people who inspired me to take monthly shots and post them, too. Can't wait till I've got a few years and a few hundred pounds worth.
    3833 days ago
    Looking great!!
    3834 days ago
    Go Pink! Your hard work is really paying off! Congratulations!
    3834 days ago
    You have great taste and with your dedication and commitment, those last 26lbs are as good as gone. rock it! emoticon
    3834 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6181505
    thanks for sharing your new photos and your challenge... you've done so good... i know you can do it... emoticon
    3834 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your 12 week challenge! I won't be posting any bikini pics of me though!
    3834 days ago
    You look great already! It will be amazing to see the before and after at the end of your 12 weeks!
    3834 days ago
  • IXCHEL23
    You're already looking great Pink wait until those pounds come off! emoticon You are so brave to take the pics, you go girl!

    3834 days ago
    YOU look great, I like the first one... flatters your bust really nice! You know you look really toned already... I mean yeah I see you little belly but it seriously looks like with 26 lbs more lost it will be gone! Honestly 26 looks like it would be too much for you to lose??? But none of my business... and I really want to support you in what you want..... you don't need my opinions about how much to lose! (smile)

    Your shoulders DO look great and your back..

    Look at that first picture of you rt. leg.. look at the muscle tone (I WANT THAT!)

    Thanks for blogging! emoticon
    3834 days ago
    you are such a cutie pie...way to go on the bikini look marvelous! zo
    3834 days ago
    WOW you look awesome already! I'm blown away you were wearing a bikini last summer. Will I ever have some of your self confidence??!!
    3834 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3598327
    You look awesome darling! Keep up the great work! I like the purple bikini and I know you'll be struting your stuff on the beach very soon! Hugs!
    3834 days ago
    you look great and i love the bikinis!
    3834 days ago
    You are on your way and looking great. You should be very proud of yourself! Can't wait for your updates!
    3834 days ago
    Lookin great!! What guts to post and let us see...I hate even lookin at Keep up the great work emoticon
    3834 days ago
    You look fantastic, you really are a gutsy lady putting those 'photo's up. Well done, can't wait to see the after shots! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3834 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5991752
    We're our own worst critics. I think you look great now and will look totally hot in 12 weeks.
    3834 days ago
    Great pics! You already look great - can't wait to see your comparison shots when the bikinis fit just the way you want. You rock!
    3834 days ago
    Youre looking really great!! congrats so far!
    3834 days ago
    Sweetie I wish I looked like you. You look great!
    3834 days ago
    I think you look stunning.
    3834 days ago
  • MANDAO97
    I absolutely love your new bikinis - they are both really cute! Your back and sholders look amazing and give me some motivation to ST mine more. Can't wait to see your progress shots - you're going to rock those bikinis this summer! Maybe I should buy one for motivcation too - hmmm.
    3834 days ago
    First off, congratulations on your amazing transformation thus far! The work you have done the past year is jaw-dropping and so inspiring! Cheers to you for not giving up and being so persisitant.

    Now, as to your bikini pics. Awesome choices. You can tell your muscle definition is already coming through and when these 12 weeks wrap up you're going to look phenomenal. Keep up the good work and really, really, pat yourself on the back because you have accomplished so very much already! And pot belly? Really now.......

    I can't wait to be 26lbs away from my final goal and have the courage to post my bikini pictures. See, I can't even imagine it right now, me? Bikini? Yeah, okay! lol

    Way to go Pink ...
    3834 days ago
    you are so awesome!
    3834 days ago
    I tried on that top bikini, it's a pretty style- but my boobs looked so weird! Not good! You rock it tho :) And you've motivated me to do the same thing with my new Primarni bikini... tomorrow, definitely.

    You're going to do just fine :)
    3834 days ago
    What a great transformation already...I can't wait to see the results of your 12 week program...I know you can do it!! Woohoo!
    3834 days ago
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