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Food poisoning . . . .

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well, today (Tuesday) is day 6 of the 52 Day challenge. I'm still in it and still at it. Just got over a rough couple of days, though.

Sunday afternoon, after grocery shopping I had some lunch. My lunch included some fresh salsa that I got at the deli at our grocery store (something I've purchased there many times before and always found to be a tasty and healthy treat). Lunch that day consisted of a couple of well cooked items and the fresh salsa. Within 1-1/2 hours of eating lunch I was suffering severe cramping followed by "projectile" emptying of my body from both ends (sometimes at the same time). emoticon

I spent the night on the bathroom floor, eventually with barely enough strength top climb back on the john. My wife found me in the morning sleeping on the floor with a beach towel I scrounged from the closet as a blanket. I was pretty severely dehydrated, but couldn't keep anything in me (including the pink Pepto stuff and other products meant to stop these kinds of festivities - all of which I puked right back out as soon as I choked them down).

My belly finally stopped cramping and rumbling and gurgling last night (Monday) - probably because there was NOTHING left in me, and having gone back to work today, I'm finally feeling pretty much back to normal, aside from having no appetite for solid food. I've been pushin liquids, though, and had some chicken broth a few times and even a diet coke before working out tonight. Many have asked why I think it was food poisoning. Well, I never had a temperature. I checked a bunch of times since Sunday, thinking it was the flu or swine flu or something. But to me, no temp, + feeling perfectly fine until the moment cramping set in + "fresh" deli food (the only un-cooked thing I ate) = food poisoning.

Anyway, I'm alive, and well now, though from my treadmill workout tonight, obviously not fully functional yet. Could only muster 1/4 mile runs. My 5k took 48-1/2 mins. Ugh. But it'll get better quick.

Anyhow, aside from that small setback, the 52Day Challenge is going great.

Hope you're all making great progress toward your goals!
Thanks for sharin' your time,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The worst I've ever felt was a case of what I believe was food poisoning. It happened while on a date, of all things, and spending the night on the bathroom floor of my date's apartment was certainly not my idea of a good time. *shudders*

    For the record, everything that I ate (as I recall) was cooked, but perhaps had spoiled or was not prepared correctly? I remember vividly, nearly 20 years later, the dish that caused the violent reaction.

    I'm glad that you are feeling better and that the liquids are staying inside of you. You might want to let the deli know, in case there are any other concerns that come their way. It's awful, especially when you suspect it's linked to food that you've enjoyed previously.

    2949 days ago
    Oof! Wouldn't wish THAT on ANYONE...!

    Thx goodness your health is as good as it is...wouldn't have weathered it as well I'm sure otherwise!

    2949 days ago
    Jeez, I hope you get to 100% very soon. Thankfully, I've only had food poisoning once I think but it wasn't as bad as yours.

    Happy Wednesday! Feel better soon.
    2949 days ago
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