Tuesday Gratitude & Abundance

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

-I am grateful for friends who share information that I do not download easily in my brain. :)
-I am grateful for friendship that is more like sisterhood.
-I am grateful for the wisdom that- we can't choose our biological family, but we CAN choose who IS family.
-I am grateful for yoga this evening- listening - playing - holding engagement and being one with my body and her messages rocks.
-I am grateful for putting my foot down today and being honest about my annoyance and others' complaining and negativity.
-I am grateful that I know when to stop and shut up.
-I am grateful for the color orange- because it makes me happy.
-I am grateful for my choices- even if they are at crossroads right now.
-I am grateful to the Mother Earth & Father Sky :) All my relations....
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