Feel the Abundance!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The following passage was graciously posted by Redrooster1219 on the message boards of the "Living Healthy In Our 40's" team. I found it to be so full of goodness that I wanted to share it here. I hope it inspires you as much as it did me.

Read it to out loud to yourself with conviction as if it was written specifically for you. Please take it to heart, my dear Spark Friends! It's Truth and Wisdom!

"Go ahead, and let yourself be wonderful. It's much, much easier than you think.

Nothing has to get you down unless you choose to get you down. Stop looking for reasons to place judgments on events and realize the abundance that always is.

Go ahead, and let your beautiful purpose flow out through your words and actions. Let go of the twisted reasoning that says you must hold yourself back.

It never makes sense to be any less than you are. Richness arises out of how much you put into each moment, not from what you hide away.

Instead of wasting your energy on blocking your true self, use that energy to create and fulfill and express in ways that are wonderful. Instead of constructing and maintaining doubt, release and nourish new joy.

It's so much easier to be who you are than to try and pretend who you're not. Go ahead, feel the abundance, and let yourself live its endless possibilities. "

-- Ralph Marston
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