Shocked back on track (I hope)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

OK so I didn't just fall off of the wagon. The wagon drove off and got lost in another world! It has probably been a year since I really tried seriously. Dr. even told me I was facing a wheel chair or even death. That didn't do it. What is wrong with me. But recently my mom had a stroke. Reason weight and sugar levels! I do NOT want my 2 children to be the ones standing by my bedside like I was with my mom. This CAN be prevented! I went shopping with my daughter for some special time yesterday and of course I can't shop the malls. TOO FAT. But then went to another place and I was trying on 3 outfits and before I was done I was completely wiped out and tired. Please someone tell me I can do this!!! Someone tell me where to start. I am soooo overwhelmed. So down on myself. How could I let myself get here? Please tell me it gets better. Please someone tell me the secret of where I can find the secret to the will power to do this!!!
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    Thinking about the totality of what you're facing is sometimes overwhelming. When someone begins the first SparkPeople phase, the Fast Break Goals are: eating 2 fruits or veggies a day, doing cardio for 10 minutes and writing in a journal. So for today, that can be your definition of the ultimate success. Think about how you'll feel when you are a huge success at the end of the day because you met those 3 goals. Don't think about tomorrow yet, or the next day or the day after that. Focus on today and that feeling of success at the end of the day. Then when you've met those goals and are feeling successful, plan your next day around wanting feel that same feeling of success again.

    I used to focus on the whole picture and I would ultimately fail. Now I've found that focusing on those moments when I make a decision is the important part. "Will I get up and work out today even though I'm tired and want to stay in bed?" "Will I choose to eat a piece of fruit or some candy?" If I get this kind of "little" choices right, eventually the big picture will work itself out.

    As a newer member to SparkPeople I can tell you that the people here are incredible. They have always been there whenever I needed motivation, was down or needed information.

    You can do it, one day, one step and one bite at a time!
    2983 days ago
    You already know the answers. There is no secret. You just need to do it. When it comes to will power, you just have to decided if that momentary gratification of eating something is worth the lingering frustration, and pain of feeling this way. You ARE in CONTROL. It's all up to you. The thing that gets easier is that, the better your food choices, the less the unhealthy cravings. The more you track and measure, the more progress you'll make, the better you'll look, the better you'll feel about yourself, and the more you'll want to do. Time passes and you are at the fork in the road. Decide which way you want to go. I wish you success.
    2983 days ago
    You CAN do this!!! I've been there.. I was a single mom, morbid obesity was my title, and tieing my shoes was enough to make me want to take a nap. We can't do this for our kids, our family or our friends. We have to choose to live!! And we have to decide that we want a quality life not just to exist. I know that it all seems so overwhelming. Baby steps don't seem big enough, but baby steps of choosing the right foods and getting more physical exercise can not only save your life, but give you quality of life. I can now do things that I NEVER thought was possible. Is it easy... NO. Is it worth it... YES!! If you need a friend at any time.. I'm here. emoticon
    2983 days ago
    Sounds to me like you darn near there. Your overwhelmed with the problems carrying extra weight has given you and your family. Now you need to get your mind to the place of were your going to do something this time for good. Once your there your body can do nothing but follow. One step at a time. One pound at a time. I wish you all the luck. You know you NEED to do this. Now make yourself know you CAN. emoticon
    2983 days ago
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    There is no secret. You have already taken the first step by realizing you need to change. You CAN do this! BABY steps. Just for today you will walk for 15 mins, just for today you will drink 8 glasses of water, just for today you will track your food, just for today you will count on your SP friends for support and motivation. We are all in the same boat, struggling with different and simular issues. Don't give up, be excited, today is the first day of a healtier you! Before you know it, you will be cruising the mall with your daughter!
    2983 days ago
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