I broke the machine!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Today was recheck day at the doc. In October he was very not happy with my cholesterol.

He's been practicing for 35 years (he's getting pretty good! har har har!), and he said that doctors sometimes ask each other what the highest HDL cholesterol readings they've seen - he said he always tells them he's seen four that were 100 (or more.) He said now he has to say five! Since the machine is only calibrated to read up to 100, it's possible mine is higher. Because of that, my LDL reading came in N/A - the machine couldn't do the math. Same for the ratio numbers. Oh, and my triglicerides were down by more than half. He was SUPER pleased with the numbers.

The not so great news is that I'm up 3 pounds of the 9 they showed me down. :( Meh. I blame it on the aftermath of an IBS flare-up that had me taking Imodium two days running earlier this week. We're trying to think of a name for the baby when it arrives. (snort!)

The BP is coming down, but he's upping the meds again.

So, pretty good news overall! I may not be shedding pounds like mad, but he still doesn't want me to engage in exercise that raises my heart rate significantly until the BP is in the normal range. I'm hoping that will be in the next week or two!

And the other good news - my husband also had his 6-month diabetic recheck today. His A1C (a blood test that measures what your blood glucose level has been over the previous 3 months) was in the NORMAL range! If he had not been diagnosed with diabetes previously, he would not have been today. And his cholesterol was good, too (not as good as mine, nanny-nanny-boo-boo), and he's down 14 pounds over the last six months. Diet and exercise, woot!

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