will all 343 pounds of me fit into an airplane seat?

Friday, March 19, 2010

I`ve been offered a great opportunity, one that involves a flight...I havnet been on an airplane since i was 5months pregnant with my first born (nearly 12 years ago) and that time i was under 300lbs.

A drug company is doing a parent roundtable discusson on ADHD and ODD. We all know that my son has both. Well i started a facebook group a few years back when i joined facebook and my group has over 7000 members now and out of it comes this opportunity.

The session takes place in new york city and its a weekend thing. Leave here on friday and come home Sunday, with the meeting taking place on Saturday.

All i have to do is give my imput on various meds all related to our trials and tribulations with these disorders.

Its all expense paid , even allowing for daycare for the kiddos at home while im away!!

I am worried sick that i wont fit into the seat and god forbid if i have to ask for a different seat because of it or an extender, i will be so humiliated. I cant pass up this opportunity because of my size, dear god.

A trip to new york city with a bunch of others in our situation and lots of time to sight see and have fun.

I also need to get my passport before anything takes place but the company wants to know if i am going!?!!!

Any advice from others who are 6ft tall and over 300lbs like me , would be greatly apprecaited!!
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    If you ask for an extender quietly you won't be embarrassed. I've had to do that. The other option is to pay the difference to upgrade to first class where you get more room. Also, if you can fly Jet Blue they offer more space for their seats and that may help as well. I think it's important that you go and not stress about the flying. Regardless of size traveling is always stressful. You'll do great I just know it.
    3015 days ago
  • TXMOMY929
    Jaime, I don't know if they will, but it might be worth asking if they will buy you up to "first class" or business class or whatever it is on that particular airline. Sometimes it is not "all" that much more. HTH EM

    P.S. I am always mortified to fly, too. I feel like apologizing to the person next to me, even though all of me fits in "my" space."
    3016 days ago
    Jaime I would say go it is too important to pass up, don't be embarassed about the extension - you have worked too hard for this group and the important matters that are being addressed - don't let pride or embarassment get in your way now - you know you deserve to go no matter what it takes.

    3016 days ago
    I flew for 3 hours to Vegas to get married. I needed an extender which I quietly asked for and the stewardess quietly and discreetly brought to me right away. I was your same weight but I am much shorter. I think you might be ok without an extender, but the seats are always too small. My sister was a size 12/14 when we went and it was even small for her hips too. Some airlines will let you choose your own seat for a couple extra bucks and it migh be worth it to choose an isle seat. Otherwise, I agree with Ottawa, just be polite and any experienced stewardess will discreetly help you. Her JOB is to make the flight as comfortable as possible for EVERYONE on the plane. She doesn't want some A-hole complaining about sitting next to an overweight person the whole flight so she is going to do her best to make everyone happy.
    3017 days ago
    I'm just about your weight, and last time I flew I weighed 348, so I can answer a few of your questions.

    You will need a seatbelt extender, unless the airline has an unusually generous length--very unlikely. When you get on the plane, tell the attendant that you need an extender. They may hand it to you then or he or she should come by your seat. Wait, just saw that you are 6 feet tall, I'm only 5'4, and carry a lot more on my hips--so maybe you will be able to get by without the extender and you will for sure fit better than I do!

    You will fit into your seat, but it will be tight. I like to arrive early at the airport (and sometimes you can even call the reservations desk, depending on the airline) and ask for an aisle seat. I also give the agent a big smile and ask how booked the plane is and that I'm willing so sit in the last row (seats don't go back) or over the engine if that means I won't have someone sitting next to me.

    So far, so good. One of my big goals on Spark is no longer needing that darned extender. And I've made myself a promise that when I do reach my goal and I see that look of embarrassed dread on a large person's face as they go for the seat beside me, I will give them a big welcoming smile.

    The six foot thing is a bit of a drag, because ideally you would want a seat in the row of the emergency exits as they have extra leg room, but they also are supposed to have people in that row who are fit enough to get the 60 pound emergency door unbolted and lift it off, so they might not let you sit there. But you can ask for it--often depends on how nice or nasty the staff member is!
    3017 days ago

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