Mid-way Through March

Friday, March 19, 2010

Well, my March is off to a better start. I have been really watching what I eat & have been trying really hard to get my exercise in, with only a few days of not meeting goals I have set for exercise.
I have been working this week on cutting back on carbs and sugar because my sugar cravings have gotten way out of control, especially during 'that time'. It is working! I have had to exert will-power a few times when my family was eating ice cream or when my son was sitting next to me eating candy bar but I did it! I am a carb-lover so that makes it even harder!! My weight is down 3 pounds this week so I guess it is working!!
Since I have fibromyalgia, there are days when I have to be more careful with my exercise but I have learned to modify. Modify is the new key-phrase when it comes to exercise instead of 'all or nothing'. Some days I cannot ride as hard or far, some days I cannot do things that affect my shoulders, some days I cannot walk because my feet hurt so bad. BUT! I can do SOMETHING, even if it is less reps or only biking or using other strength training than what I had planned because I am hurting. Knowing my limitations and MODIFYING is what I have to do!
Here's to an even better end of March!
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