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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Last week was a stand still on the scale. It was the first week in a few weeks where the scale just wouldn't budge. I didn't get all my exercise in, but I was keeping to my calorie plan and getting my water intake. I also was doing some cleaning around the house (stuff that actually required some energy... lol). This week, I've been working to get back into my exercise rhythm. I'm leash training our puppy, so I've been getting some walks in and have been walking on my gazelle. Hopefully that will kick start the weight loss again. Maybe I'll lose a little extra. :)

My daughter is going to visit her grandparents again for the next few days. Normally we don't do a typical spring break (we homeschool), but since my mother-in-law works in the cafeteria at an elementary school, she doesn't have the free time she used to have, so they like to have her visit when she has some time off. This will give me some time to get into her room and do some spring cleaning. She has some clothes that she's outgrown that I've needed to get in an weed out and her room could really use a good scrub down. Amazingly, her room is pretty clean.

I spent yesterday afternoon scrubbing my driveway. Our old car that we just traded in a month ago had a pesky oil leak. What a mess. I was out there with a gallon jug of degreaser and a deck brush. It's not completely done yet, but it's getting there. Couldn't go out and work on it more today since the weather was just not cooperating. Somehow it just doesn't seem right that one day it can be 70 and sunny, and the next day, rainy, windy, and in the mid 40's.

My son (he turned 3 on Saturday) is going through a clingy phase. It started about 2 weeks ago. He wants to sit on my lap all day everyday. I have to follow him everywhere, or at least that's what he tells me. It's very sweet. I don't get all my stuff done, but I know the time will be here very soon where he'll be all about doing everything himself. :) I think it's mostly he's overwhelmed with all the new "big boy" stuff that he can do. He's just about potty trained, he's been wanting to do "schoolwork" like his big sister, and he's wanting to do "Man" stuff with his daddy like working on the car, etc. He'd been pushing all of that really hard, and I think he's just a bit tired trying to be bigger than he is. Who knew being 3 could be so tough?
In the meantime, I'll just enjoy all the extra hugs and snuggle time I can get.

My dh has been grumpy. lol He always is this time of year. I swear he must have some internal clock that goes along with the seasonal changes. He's just irritable. Fortunately, he knows he is, so it's not too bad. I told him if he were one of the kids I'd tell him to take a nap, and no computer games. LOL. He said, "Are you going to take away my dessert too?" Ha! He's so funny.

Well, I am off to load my dishwasher, take a bubble bath in my jacuzzi tub, and get ready for bed. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful, and my driveway awaits! :)
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    Your description of your son is priceless. You are a wise Mom, to enjoy the tenderness of each moment with joy. they do grow up so fast, don't they. I have a 10-year-old granddaughter and can hardly believe how the time has flown from her adorable toddler ways. (of course she is still adorable, but so grown up now!)

    The scale isn't budging for me either, but if we hang in there -- it WILL!
    3536 days ago
    My daughter is turning 4 and all she wants is mine or her daddy's attention. She needs a sibling! haha But momma needs to get rid of some unwanted fat first...;o) I don't want to add more.
    All the best this week. I'm telling myself to get my butt into gear too. I have a wedding in May and I want to shock my family and friends. Not easy though working nights and sometimes only getting 4hrs of sleep. I usually have a 1-2hr nap before work.... but doesn't seem to work as well as a whole nights sleep.
    3536 days ago
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