I'm Giving UP!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ok soooooo as i sit here typing the time is 11:47

i woke up this morning finished dinner for my kids....
cleaned up the mess they maid while getting ready for school....
did some laundry......


I logged onto sparks to check my email and see whats crackn....


i put the laundry in the dryer....


i got back on the computer played dinner dash5 i soo love the game.....


I have been waiting since 8 a.m.


while im waiting i sat and took some time to think about the mistakes i made last week.. how this week can be better and what i need to do to keep me focused and moving forward not backward!

i know everyone wants to know what im waiting on soooo ok




this is the exact reason y I DON'T WORK OUT PEOPLE!!!! PEOPLE ARE SOOOO INCONSIDERATE!!!! SO RUDE do i need to say im pissed!!!

i could have been at the gym by 830 and back home by 1130!

this is the exact reason y i don't work out with people!
not saying the person may not be serious but in my eyes there not!
if your serious and committed and u kno the person you are working out with is serious y would u not call or stand them up!

we both supposedly have the same goals that were working towards so WHY????

I always said that i don't work out with people becuz if yur the type of person who if your partner calls and says she's not coming or working out it may cause you not to work may not go to the gym for the may use that as a excuse like today... but this is why i don't rely on people when it comes to my personal goals!

not saying all people are the same but im DONE WITH WORK OUT PARTNERS IM GOING SOLO!

i gained the weight by myself so im going to loose it by myself!

i can do this i did it before and im going to do it again!


emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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  • LDY_ALI_79
    Go ahead sista girl! I had one friend who did that to me & guess what? One day I flipped the page on her. She didn’t like it at all! So payback sucks & most of the time I workout alone & love it even better!

    Take care~
    4121 days ago
    Hi Sweetie,
    I had to come and see how my friend is doing!! And you know what... you shouldn't wait a moment ever again for that workout partner...she or he is very inconsiderate and not worth waiting for.
    I agree that you may have to workout on your own...or find a person you see regularly at the gym! You can do it! Do it for yourself!
    Hugs to you,
    4137 days ago
    Maybe this was a blessing in disguise! She may have wasted some good workout time, but she gave you a heck of a lot of motivation! Hang in there! Don't give up on workout partners all together. You just might find a good friend who is like-minded and more focused. emoticon
    4149 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6000459
    oooooh, never mind my dear, go get your workout in, but if and when she is available you guys can workout together but don't depend on her coming, get ready for the gym each day and just go at the time arranged weather or not she is there, don't wait for her and if she shows up on time or meet you there its all the same you are getting it done.

    enjoy her company when she shows up do without it when she is not there. emoticon emoticon
    4149 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    Well that sucks. I never had a workout partner and kinda always wanted one. I do think that maybe workout partners should be used like 1-2x a week, maybe working out in a class. It is hard to depend on people, but there are great workout partners out there. So don't shut down that idea forever. I also do think that it's a common decency to call, not even working out, but doing lunch or anything. Keep working hard!
    4149 days ago
    I love working out alone. It's my me time! I use this time to think out my day and my goals. Value your time alone. You deserve it. Wear a headset and play your ipod if you need the noise to distract you. Enjoy!!! emoticon
    4149 days ago
    Glad u did not give up on yourself. Even if you have to work out by yourself, you are still pushing forward to achieve your goal. Keep up the good work.
    4150 days ago
    I am glad that you shared your frustration with us today. The resolution to go SOLO is a good one. You can do it by yourself. The real solution is to not depend on someone else. If they can do it that is fine but you need to do what is good for you. This is your time and your season. Take time for yourself and do not let anyone stop you from reaching your goal. emoticon
    4150 days ago
  • BBANGEL1214
    good for you! partners are nice (when they aren't flakey) but all you need is you
    4150 days ago
    Boy I wish I had a workout partner or maybe not after what happen to you. I have even suppose to went walking with someone and they didn't come. I went, but didn't walk as long as I would have. You know, Talk while you Walk, burns alot of calories. Oh well, I guess like you said SOLO is the best!
    4150 days ago
    Girl! I understand... I'm always wishing I had someone to workout with but like you said, when they cancel it leaves you not wanting to go either. My dog is my partner on runs... He always wants to run and he can run 38 miles an hour literally lol. Anyway, keep up the good work and come to us for support but you can do the workouts on your own!
    4150 days ago
    This is the very reason I don't have a workout partner! I go solo...
    4150 days ago
  • SPARKLE1908
    I totally understand...this is why I am grateful for my bootcamp class...everyone PAID so if they don't show, it's on you need to do what you have to in order to make sure you hit your goals!!!

    You can do it!!!
    4150 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5190246
    Great post! Love the directness.
    I often want a work out partner - I dream of having that - but worry too that they will not be reliable. In the past when a friend has made the commitment to pair up with me the rule was, if we set a time to go and you aren't around & haven't heard from you I'll go alone and you can try to catch up with me.

    I love your resolve! Take care of business and move it forward. Good for you!
    4150 days ago
    Hoped the vent felt good. I get up between 5-6 in the morning to work out. I am responsible for me....working out with someone is nice, I guess, but I hear you-don't let anybody keep you from the blessing of a fit temple.
    Keep the faith, girl,
    Grace and peace,
    4150 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5096704
    Good venting... and like many others have said go it alone if you have to; let your partner know you are serious about your workout & goals. I did that years ago, it was scary at first but then I got used to it & made friends that came at the same time. But don't give up & know that if you are committed, so is God & He will not stop you from your goals. I pray you reach your goals & your friend does too & that nothing serious kept her from showing up. emoticon
    4150 days ago
    I know what you mean. My husband and I walk together after work and last night he worked out with a friend and by the time he got home it was too dark to walk. I was so upset. All he had to do was call and I could have gone by myself. I ended up doing a cardio tape while he picked up dinner. Best of luck!!!!! emoticon
    4150 days ago
  • NANC304
    I prefer to workout alone too. If you continue to work with the person, make arrangements to meet them at the gym and they if they don't show up you'll already be there so you may as well workout.

    Good luck in your journey.
    4150 days ago
    If you lived in my area I would do that to ya!! :)
    4150 days ago
    There are days when flat out, no doubt people suck. Shaybutta24 said it best "I'm going with or without you..". The only thing you need at the gym is yourself, your ipod and some water. Done, done, and DONE! Go get 'em!
    4150 days ago
    Just a quick reminder that you aren't always have the Lord as your partner and He is always faithful and on time and will never let us down or disappoint us. I know you can do it, and you will be in my prayers.

    Hugs and Prayers,
    4150 days ago
    Hey! I know the feeling. I think it all goes back to discipline and motivation. Nothing works unless you do. and when it falls down to it, some people just lack motivation for whatever reason or don't want it as bad as you do. However, workout partners can be great at keeping you accountable. I do p90x in the mornings with one of my best friends and we keep eachother accountable throughout the entire thing. Maybe this will help for the next time: Tell your workout buddy an exact time. Say I'm leaving for the gym at 830 with or without you. If you will be a few minutes late call and let me know but if I receive no call, I will assume you are not going and go without you. We have to be serious if we want to be successful. emoticon
    4150 days ago
    Yea, partners can either make you or break you. Start working out by yourself and look for someone else to work out with..and if they don't show big deal..she clearly isn't as motivated as you are!! Keep up the great work!! :) emoticon
    4150 days ago
    4150 days ago
    Sorry that is one big draw back working out with pardners. A couple years back I had a work out partner. She was older than me but she walked with me. I got so used to her being my exercise pardner when she stopped working out. I was tempted to do the same. But I know I have came too far to give up. So I exercise alone now. Most of my exercises are done inside. I have wicked allergies. Not being ugly but she slowed me down anyway. LOL now I can walk at my own pace. emoticon just keep on trucking!!
    4150 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/16/2010 1:18:45 PM
    I had the same thing happen, so I gave up on them! I go to the gym by myself and I have made friends there.But, I am not letting anything hold me back! I have things I want to accomplish and they can either come with me or meet me there, but I set a set time to be at the gym, and if they show up, well that's great, and if they don't, they don't. They will wish they did, when "success" is showing on me, by "SHOWING UP".
    4150 days ago
    Thanks everyone!

    in case your wondering I DID GO TO THE GYM!

    LATE BUT I WENT! emoticon emoticon
    4150 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/16/2010 2:54:32 PM
    You can do it! We have more strength in ourselves than we realize! emoticon
    4150 days ago
    I'm sorry your workout partner was so rude and that you had a bad way to your day.

    I hope things change for you and the day gets better.
    4150 days ago
    Hey.. i think this is the perfect topic to give some advice about.. Iv been trying to loose weight for 5 years now.. back and fouth i dont even know how many times!!!... and i ALWAYS thought that haveing a workout buddy would best way to get me motivated!!.. But i was caught in the same situation as you!.. i waited and waited and waited.. so i finally got up.. and went to the lake myself.. me and my ipod.. and you know what???... i actually liked it better!!.. becuase i could stay at my own pace.. i didnt run outta breath from talking.. i listen to my ipod and that actually motivated me more then when i walked with my friend!..i basically call it... "Me, Myself, and I time!!".. cuz we alllllll know we need some of that!!.. so the next time u wait.. dont wait.. juss go!.. you will feel better!... and then later.. when she calls you to say sorry.. say its ok.. i went by myself!..hopefully you join next time!.. becuase dont get me wrong its fun to workout with a friend.. just not ALL the time!.. emoticon emoticon
    4150 days ago
  • VEMAN1
    To each our own. I haven't found a partner to work out with. There are many people who have taken a keen interest in my workouts over the last 70 days as I have lost size and gained strength. Even the hired help notices when I miss a day or two. This journey is yours, make it what you will.
    4150 days ago
    I totally feel you on this one. I tried to do the whole workout partner thing, but they just kept bailing out on me. Some of them would think that since we're working out together that exercise time means chit chat...for me it doesn't. I don't mind taking a nice walk and chit chat then, but it's difficult to talk when I'm doing hard core stuff with my earphones in my ears.

    4150 days ago
  • MADGM66
    I totally agree. I'm partnered with my husband in that we talk to each other about what we are doing to workout and track calories, but no way could we only workout together. I much prefer going at my own pace and on my own schedule. You sound determined enough to accomplish this solo.

    Go For It!! emoticon
    4150 days ago
    I could never do it with a partner, either. I find I even put in a better work out at the gym when my husband doesn't come with me. And he's more obsessed with getting into shape than I am!

    Good luck with your journey!
    4150 days ago
    You are so have to do this for yourself and if it by yourself, so be it! But, you are not have all of us! emoticon emoticon
    4150 days ago
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