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Monday, March 15, 2010

Okay, so I have been having a hard time NOT eating everything I see lately. It has been a challenge to wake up and eat healthy- especially when there are pastries in the kitchen...

Does anyone live with other people, such as your family, and share the food in the kitchen? Well, I do, and let's just say that my fam aren't the healthiest eaters around. I have been tempted with white bread and rice, lots of cookies and snacks, and this weekend I ate to my heart's content.

Today I thought I was just going to beat myself up, but I woke up feeling good, ate a healthy breakfast, and got right over to the gym. So, I guess my food deamons will just have to take a hike!!

I LOVE being able to log into sparkpeople and track my food, that has really been helping me. I feel empowered, and so should everyone else!!!

Keep up the good work everyone!! emoticon
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    logging ur food, no matter how much/bad it is will help to keep you focused. my biggest eating problems come for me when i give up, feel guilty and am scared to log it. sets me into a downward spiral. as for the family members eating all those treats, maybe you could set a goal for yourself to only have like one or two special treats a week, something like that so that u dont feel deprived. in the past i've gotten homemade cookies from friends, etc. and i've actually asked my bf to keep them in his car when he goes to work so that i dont scarf them all down at once. it can be hard.. now i try to freeze some of the treats i have immediately, like if i get a craving for brownies, i will make them, and freeze most so that i'll try to forget about them. as with CONFUSEDBIRD's suggestion, i've also asked my bf to hide certain foods from me until i decide i realllly want it. seems silly but, it's true, out of sight out of mind... for a while at least :) keep up the good work!
    3843 days ago
    well done for not beating yourself up about it - that makes a huge difference in being able to make the next choice a better one!
    Sorry about all the temptations, I'm lucky that I do the shopping myself, so have much better control of what I stock my kitchen with. Just stay strong, soon they will be extremely jealous of your hot bod and ask you how you did it!
    3844 days ago
    Can you ask your family to hide the food? My family is the same way. My parents get donuts from Sam's Club. I know its hard when you have no choice and its where you live. I just stay away from their house now and meet my parents at their business. Walking into that booby trap is dangerous. Or could you maybe challange your family to do it with u? My friend and his mom and dad were competing to loose weight awhile back. Seemed to help them to keep bad stuff out of the house. Stay strong!
    3847 days ago
    Hey girl so what you ate a bunch of you can get on with your day and forget about the stuff you ate you wanted it you ate it and you don't feel better so the next time the cravings come you can remind yourself it really wasn't that great of a cream cheese danish anyway! None of my kids have to worry about how much they eat at least not right now, they are just like my husband who is 6'2" and 165 lbs and finishes his day with ice cream and magic shell or oreos and full fat milk so I know how things get tempting and I am def. not as motivated as some who decide to exercise their cravings away, but I do have a ton of magazines that I can look at while they are pigging out which helps. I can't tell you how much I can relate and sometimes I give in but it's Ok I have found the reason I give in is because I forbid that stuff so sometimes I eat a bite or 6 and say is it really that good? But most people eat the stuff and think nothing of it but because it made you uncomfortable you will think about it next time and make better choices, you can also have a back up plan like when they have something not so healthy you already have something healthy in mind . so keep on making small good decisions and they will add up!!! Good Luck!!!
    3848 days ago
    The hardest part for me is when they buy ice cream. But the great part about that is that I don't like the flavors they like.
    3848 days ago
  • MDEAL72
    I do share your hubby and daughters don't like to eat the whole grain carbs (like brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread), so I have a hard time with a lot of the same things as you. And the snacks?? Don't even get me started!

    But good for you for ignoring the demons...every little bit helsp.
    3848 days ago
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