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My first 5K in about 20 years . . .

Monday, March 15, 2010

So, Saturday was my first 5K in roughly 20 years (give or take - I really can't remember the last). And hey, I lived. Anyone who's been following my blogs (or lately, my lack of blogs) knows I've been having issues with training consistency over the past couple of months or more, and I'm only going to give part of the blame to this nagging upper thigh/groin injury. I've tried ignoring it, tried resting it, tried stretching it (OUCH !!!), but mostly have been just co-existing with it. The majority of my lack of training consistency has been my head. I'm just struggling to keep at it.

That being said, my buddy and I made it. What we did couldn't exactly be called "running". There's probably lots of people out there who could have walked a 5K faster that we jogged it (if fact, WE probably could have ourselves).
Here's me and my work walking buddy (who's responsible for gettin' me walking at lunch almost 3 years ago, now and who still does the lunch walks with me every day):
My walkin' buddy, "G-Man":
the pre-run crowd gathering at the start area:
Our time: Pretty pathetic. Subtracting the time it took us to get to the starting line (we were at the back of the pack of about 1000 runners and walkers), we figure about 40 minutes. 12-1/2 minutes a mile. Again, we could have almost walked it faster. Of course, if we hadn't spent so much time and energy cracking jokes about ourselves and our pathetic lack of speed, maybe we could have gone faster . . . Oh well, we had fun.

Immediately after the 5K, we had to hustle to change and drive about 12 miles to the annual company bowling tourney (most of us only bowl once a year - at the annual company bowling tourney . . . yeah, it's not a serious event - mostly about laughin' at ourselves, and drinkin, and being foolish - in other words, Saturday was lots of fun).

Today, I woke up a little sore, but mostly in my left shoulder (bowling once a year will do that to ya). Legs, not too bad. And NO CRAMPY CALF ISSUES !!! YEAH !!!

So this evening, I decided to build on a decently active weekend (even if there WAS a little alcohol involved at bowling yesterday), and tried my circuit training workout. I was AMAZED. I made it through ALL 3 circuits (30 exercises total) without missing a beat on the timer. 40 solid minutes of bustin my butt. Followed it up with a couple sets of 10 bar dips. It's been almost an hour since I finished and my shoulders are still shaking. And I was sweating so much I looked like I wet myself (gotta remember, light gray sweats aren't a good look in that condition - good thing I work out at home, and late at night, eh?).

All in all, a pretty successful weekend. I'm pleased to have finished, both days. And now I have something solid to build on. And while the injury is STILL not even close to healed, it hasn't been much of a hindrance in the last couple days. Tomorrow is cardio day, and also blood donation day. So, I'll likely be doing my cardio on my trike in the basement (in case of after-effects, it's almost impossible to fall off of a recumbent that's clamped into a wind-trainer).

One last thing, Wednesday is the beginning of a new "52 Day Challenge" over on the "Men's Health" magazine forums. Anyone who's read my blogs in the past is probably thinking " . . . again? why is he even bothering ??"? My history with these challenges is that I did really well on the first one, and then failed to finish the next 2 I tried, and haven't even signed up for the last couple. Well, I guess I feel like I need some kind of "training partner". Looking back to the first challenge I got into, and why I had success, I had a serious goal. Needed to lose enough weight to win a new recumbent trike in a bet with my wife. I posted every day on that forum, and the people there kept me accountable. That's been the closest thing I've had to an actual training partner in my life, with the exception of Debbie (S318830) while we were grinding out the 100 pushups, 200 situps, and 200 squats challenges here on Sparks. Though my walkin' buddy at work has been there for quite a long time, our 30 minutes of walking every day doesn't even feel like it "counts" as training anymore. We get out there and crank out a couple miles, and that's it. The 52 Day Challenge has a bunch of great goals that I've set for myself, and about 70 or 80 guys to help keep me honest if I keep posting every day. And that's my number 1 goal of this challenge - to POST EVERY DAY !! Some day I'd really like to find an actual "flesh and blood" human being to train with for a few months or more, just to see what it's like. Going it mostly alone is hard sometimes.

Anyway, I hope everyone's had a successful weekend, and
Thank you, as always, for spending a bit of your time with me.

Edited to add;
I'll probably be looking for another area 5K to sign up for soon (maybe late April or May). I really did have a good time. And at work this morning, my walking buddy "G-Man" said he's in for next year's Blarney Run if I want to do this one again (we probably will . . .).
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  • DAVEW175
    Congratulations on finishing the 5K. I'm just restarting with SparkPeople and enjoyed reading your blog.
    2911 days ago
    Dang, I was afraid that I'd miss this in the craziness of school! I'm glad, most of all, that you felt good enough to do this event. Your injury could have kept you on the sidelines, but you made it to the run (and it sounds like you had a blast!).

    "Anyone who's read my blogs in the past is probably thinking " . . . again? why is he even bothering ??"?"
    Nope, not even close. My first thought was, "Cool, he's got an approach and he's ready to make it work." I think finding a buddy will help, but I know that can be tricky. And don't discount those walks with G-Man! A walk at lunch is ALWAYS a good idea, no matter your level of fitness.

    I'm really glad that you made it to this event and had a great time doing it!
    2948 days ago
    Look at you! You look so proud and rightfully so...you SPARKED that 5k! Proud of you Rick!
    emoticon Noei
    2957 days ago
    Woo HOO to your 5K and what a training partner!

    Keep those SPARKS a-flying! :-)

    2957 days ago
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