HELP!! Nutrition Debate?? Low-carb or low-fat???

Friday, March 12, 2010

I was on the message boards yesterday where I found a controversial dispute. Both had great points that seemed logical. I have been on Spark People for a month and a half. I have stuck to my diet pretty faithfully. I exercise for an hour to an hour and a half 6 days a week, but am not losing weight. I lost 9 pounds my first week, but have since gained that back and have stayed there. I am always always hungry. I was told and read that is because I consume way to many carbs. I am normally within my suggested range on my diet plan though. I am always in my range for fat, calories, and protein. Anyway, the debate was about low-fat versus low-carb dieting. I am starting to think that maybe the low-carb would be better, but do not know how well I could commit to that. Please help as you can find good and bad to both.
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    Hi There

    I would really like to comment on this blog from personal experience. I could write a book on I have been on every diet you can imagine. Although I did loose weight I would always gain it back....then one day I was advised by PT to try low carb...but because of high cholesterol my doctors were not in agreement for me to try I didn't...then about a year later another PT again suggested that I try this low carb way of I did... It was one of the best decisions I ever made...Not only did I loose weight BUT I LOWERED MY MEDS!!! My doctor was impressed.

    I am now going into my second year of keeping it off.

    I wish you luck in whatever you decide!

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    I personally think that some folks do better on low carbs and some do ok on low fat. However I've learned that in order for me to not feel hungry I NEED to consume protein and as much fiber as possible. I also closely watch my sodium to make sure I have no more than 3000 mg a day. Sodium is in EVERYTHING it seems and it will prevent you from losing weight & can possibly cause you to gain water weight.

    I eat eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, turkey, tuna & tofu for my proteins. I get fiber from crackers, Go Lean cereal, veggies, high fiber pasta, oatmeal, bread and burritto skins. When I started with Sparkpeople I was averaging maybe 15 - 20 grams of fiber a day. I slowly increased that to the roughly 40 grams I eat now. The USDA recommends 25 grams a day where as folks in Japan average close to 60 grams a day. Forty works well for me.

    I think Ms EWESTCOTT has some good advice - try one out for a couple weeks - record your results and try the other and then compare. What ever you do -- never, ever, ever give up! Keep trying - you'll figure it out. You are worth the effort to do this and you'll feel AWESOME when you get to your goal.

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    The jury is out on this issue and the debate could go on for centuries!
    I suggest you do one month (or at least 2-3 weeks) of each-
    and then see:
    1. which was easier for you
    2. which kept you less hungry
    3. which helped you lose weight

    As far as losing 9 pounds and regaining, first-
    that must be so depressing!
    Did you crash diet?
    I know you quit smoking (YAY!)-
    are you sure you're not rewarding yourself with food?
    That's what my DH did for about 6 months before he realized it - and had gained 25 pounds!!!
    Just a thought.
    Good luck, my friend.

    pan> emoticon

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    I have heard you want to watch which types of carbs you are eating and when. If you eat more carbs towards the morning, then your body has time to burn off the sugar that carbs produce. If you eat more protein, then that should fill you up more.
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