Why can't I take a trip and diet at the same time??!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I love to go places. Even if it's just for a couple of days and close to home. There's just something wonderful about changing the scenery I see almost everyday. Throw in a couple of good friends and life is truly blessed and good.
There is only one thing I hate about travel. Dieting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it's my own fault. I'm an adult and as such I should be able to say no thank you to any food that's not good for me anywhere. So why is it that if I'm not at home I eat like I need to gain a few pounds?? The good side of me tells me to have a nice grilled chicken breast with rice and glass of water. The evil side of me kicks the good side in the head and tells me what I really want is that bbq bacon burger with loaded cheese fries and a soda. Bad evil side!!!!!! Bad!!!!
It's becoming much easier to eat right when I'm home. My choices get better and better all the time and I'm proud of myself for that. But when I'm away I still want to eat like everyone else does and I just can't do that. I have to realize that I'll always be different because I have a problem. I'm addicted to food. They are not. Just like the recovering alcoholic it's hard to hang around with my friends that are notorious big eaters, but I'm not giving up my friends. I have to defeat this monster that lives in me and is trying to kill me one double cheeseburger at a time. I so long for the day when I eat live, not live to eat. That's the day I'll truly be free.
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  • NEWSUE45
    Your blog made me think Beth. Someone addicted to alcohol, cigarettes or drugs cannot indulge in their addiction just because they are on vacation. I am realizing how hard it must be for someone who gave up smoking to be around friends that smoke. Same as drinking. Both with those addictions (as well as drugs) they cut their addiction out of their life - they can't have just one drink or cigarette - they give them up completely. Unfortunately we cannot do the same with our food addiction. We have to eat everyday. We have to be around people that eat.

    I agree with you that it is so much easier when we are home and have a schedule to our day. I don't even leave anywhere and my schedule gets thrown when my husband is home!! But we can learn to do this anywhere and anytime. It will become easier and easier the longer we stick with it. I know we can conquer this beast and be able to live the life we were meant to live!!!

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    3964 days ago
    Thanks all!! In my mind I know I'm not alone in this but it certainly helps to actually hear your stories.
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    3965 days ago
  • JUNEBUG1944
    It is so hard when you go out and see all those enticing things on the menu. It's even worse when you're with others and they make bad choices. They lead you astray! I'm the same way. I tell myself I AM NOT GOING TO EAT THOSE BAD THINGS. But, I do. Everyone else is, why not me? BECAUSE, LIKE YOU, I LIVE TO EAT NOT EAT TO LIVE! I wonder if it will ever get easier????
    3966 days ago
  • FRANRN76
    OMG, this sounded like me when I went home to visit my sisters. I , SO , get what your talking about. The one thing that helped me is that I had my younger sister, sorta helping me out a bit. She wants a niece/nephew so bad, that she is really supporting me this time. What saved me, is that I planned abit ahead of time. I took some fresh fruit, yogurt, my protein shake, 1% milk (i stopped on bought on the way) and my FF pudding when I went. I was lacking on the veggies, unless u consider FF veggies. I made sure that I ate light throughout the day, because I knew dinner was probably gonna be something big. I even planned some exercise. I was gonna do it even if no one else wanted to join me.

    I was so stressed about it prior to going that i definitely stayed on track the week b4. Then when I got there I really lightened up a bit and allowed myself to have FUN. The thing to remember is to not stress too much about it, because that will make u wanna eat more. Also remember that today is a new day. You are back home and you will get back to your routine. You may have to be stricter than usual or add some more exercise. In the long run YOU WILL BE JUST FINE.

    3966 days ago
  • LBH032460
    Oh my, I have the same problem. I love to take "road trips" - long weekends or places not to far even if it's just for the day. I'm so bad, I am tempted to do bad before we even start. We'll go and get gas and I have the urge to get a bag of cheetos and a candy bar to be washed down with a coke. It's terrible. What's even worse, because I know we'll be going off I'll just about starve myself for a few days before and live off of things like small servings of fruit.

    What a mess our "bad sides" are!
    3966 days ago
    We have now lived here for about 6 weeks. All our meals are provided for us. In that time you would think I would have gotten over my cravings for junk food. Didn't happen. I really envy those that can stick to a meal plan especially away from home. Me? No way!
    3966 days ago
    I know exactly what you mean! Its like when I vacation... I just throw all the rules out the window and do whatever I want. I think its the whole idea that I am on "vacation"... away from normal routines and indulging in luxuries. Have you tied ordering that Bacon burger and then asking the the waitress to just bring out half? That cuts the calorie overload big time! I am going to try that technique on our next vacation to Colorado. Good luck! Keep having fun :)
    3966 days ago
  • SD1122
    Wow, you just described what I go through even at home! I live with my aunt and she's my "bad side". I do well when she's not in town but when she gets's back to that home cooking full of grease when she cooks. Uugghh. I know you can get a handle on things when you go out of town. It just won't happen overnight. Take it one meal at a time :).
    3966 days ago
  • ANIKA34
    I am the same way! I am addicted to food. My choices are getting better, but there are those days that I just want to eat anything I want and not have to pay for it on the scale. You shouldn't have to give up your friends, and I know in time you will be able to defeat that monster living inside of you and eat healthy everywhere!! I am hoping for the same thing for me!

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    3966 days ago
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