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Grandma lived a long good life

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I was just watching the rerun of Oprah's favorites, and this one of course, was the episode with "food Inc" I based my last blog on it.

It just hit me. Our Grandparents, and relatives, that lived into their 70's, 80's and 90's didn't eat fast food? And it wasn't held over their heads, that this causes cancer, that causes cancer. Hmmm they lived right, antibiotics? in their meats? Unheard of. Additives, words that most can't pronounce? Unheard of. What happened? They ate natural processed foods, either farm fresh, or basic ingredients, sugar flour, salt etc. I always wondered where the flavor of the food went, now I know.

They are over processing, delivering foods faster for fast food pace. Most people need the convenience.

Dang people, slow down. Enjoy life, bring back the "good tasting food"

Step back, look at yourself, is this the life you want?

We need to get back to basics. I know it's easier said than done. Mainly because most have adopted this fast pace world. Actually I don't want it.

Chuck the remote, get up off your hiney, and change the channel or turn the tv off, and get outside, and breath good fresh air. Take the stairs not the elevator. Park farther away (Get up 10 minutes earlier, so you can do this) And walk to work. Who cares if you cannot park right in front of your place of work. Better yet, take multi transits, get more autos off the road.

Do what you can to get it back to a better world, because right now, we are headed for the skids.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Exactly!! I was laughing today because I drove to the gym and looked for the closest parking space I could find so I could go in and run on the elliptical for an hour!! In my defense, though, it was cold, windy and rainy. LOL
    2991 days ago
    You said it! Great!

    2992 days ago
    I caught part of this when I got home today and I had seen it before. You are right on. Too much processed crap and not enough up and moving. We need to do something about it.
    2994 days ago
  • FITKAT2010
    This blog is right down my alley! In fact I had first hand experience today of what I am glad I left for good: processed food crap!

    I am traveling to Sacramento. The trip requires me to "dine" at "restaurants". I can't believe how far my taste buds have come in the last 10 months since I switched over to a whole foods diet. The crud that they pass off to the public that they state is food should be against the law!

    No wonder our Nation is so overweight and sick! Yuck! I'll be very happy to once again eat REAL FOOD!!!! And, Sacramento knows what that is about.
    2995 days ago
    I really enjoyed reading your blog. Brought back a lot of memories before MD, BK and all the rest. Always loved having a garden and growing my own veggies but the deer and woodchucks have won. I also hate the way animals are feed so that they grow faster - made me wonder what we were feeding our kids.

    Mary Anne

    2995 days ago
    Yes, so true. I was just thinking today that things are on their heads to what they were even 25 years ago.

    Used to be, you were considered "poor" if your family didn't buy most of its food from the grocery. Growing it yourself meant that you didn't have the money to spend at the store. (At least this was my impression from my parents, who grew up as subsistence farmers [Dad] and migrant workers [Mom]). We had a huge garden, ate wild game and bought a side of beef and a hog from a local guy my dad worked with - and although we had much more money than most, we were considered lower-class because my friends got oatmeal and eggs at my house, not Cap'n Crunch.

    Funny that if you were to live in the exact same way now, you'd be called a "foodie" or a "conservationist" or a "health nut" and it's considered something only the upper classes can afford to do.

    Hogwash! We have to cut through the media hype, quit buying junk at the store, ignore the organic labels and find what works for our bodies. Tough, but doable. Thank goodness I grew up "poor"!
    2995 days ago
  • LUGNUT_9754
    Great blog! Today I made my own food instead of giving in to my family's take-out day. I made a meal plan for next week where I am making everything myself (except yogurt, bread and cereal). Plus I just got back from an hour long walk with my older, also obese, brother! Thanks for being a great motivator!!!
    2995 days ago
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