The angel that was lost - and found again

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Came home, door was locked, found the key in my purse and opened.
Kid2 apparently not home, no sign at all. Hmm - and clock is 6 pm?.
I went to work 6 am this morning and I go around in the house and wonder - what did he say this morning? Nothing I am sure. Calls a couple of school friends, all have good and creative suggestions to where kid2 can have gone, but nothing pays off. Dead ends - all of it.
Starts computer and continues to work, have a backlog from holiday and it seems as I will never be able to catch up. Even though I worked a couple of hours each day during holiday.
Still wonders where kid2 could be?
Suddenly a sound of cracking stairs and a silent ghost comes up from the basement. Kid2 in a housecoat, going for the kitchen, where he starts cooking dinner.
I look towards the end of the corridor where the entrance door is. No coat, shoes or bag in a pile on the floor. WHAT??
Opens closet - coat on a hanger.......... hmm - opens other part of closet - shoes neatly placed on shelf, looks around for bag - no bag anywhere. Goes down in basement, finds bag neatly beside bed. I go up in the kitchen, finds lunchbox in dishwasher, looks at kitchen table - no sign of nutella, dirty knife and no crumbs. Look in Nutella jar - yep - less than this morning but not much taken. Looks in the fridge - where the he...!!?! is my vegetable soup??!?
Finds empty tupperware in dishwasher......... ??!?
Goes back and looks in fridge - lunch for tomorrow packed and finished.

Looks at my 13 year old and wonders: WHAT the ?)?()(/%/"%#" ??!? just happened here?

I look at him and asks: "Where have you been dear?"

Kid2 looks at me and lifts an eyebrow and answers: "In my room - Mom".
Finishes his dinner preparations, and goes down with his food. I stand back in the corridor and looks down the stairs.

I cannot remember a time where it was necessary for me to raise my voice at him, normally I can sit down, look him in the eyes and tell him my opinions and my concerns, not like I would to an adult, but modified for his age. I did that when he was 4 and I can still do that.

But for the first time I can remember, I feel on slippery ice. I really was worried and concerned, but had no more options or ideas of where he could be, and decided that I would let go a couple of hours before freaking out.
I surpress the need of yelling after him down the stairs - WHY have you put your stuff where it belongs?, WHY have you cleaned up after you on the kitchen table and WHY could I not find you.....?

And I feel blessed. Just now my working life explodes around me, and things are crazy. No matter how many hours I work, I have no possible way of matching the expectations from CEO and government. And then the teenager just behaves like an angel. Ok an angel that was lost for a couple of hours - but found again. Somehow I do feel blessed.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Whoo Whoo!

    They sure are scary sometimes, aren't they?
    3829 days ago
    It is strange indeed when that happens.
    I must have told 5 people the other day that my DD,
    who was actually sleeping at BF's for a few nights- but in and out of our house for things,-
    UNLOADED THE DISHWASHER and then left again.
    It was almost creepy.

    3830 days ago
    I will let you know the DAT THAT happens around here..................NEVER!!!!

    Have a great day!!!
    3830 days ago
    as a mother to a nearly 19 year old i totally get this!!!!! :)
    3847 days ago
    WOW. I'm not a mom but I'm sure that's unusual, lol! But hey, we should be thankful for all the good things in life, lol!
    3847 days ago
    Wow! I try to live by that rule. Look and focus on the blessings. Yes deal with the chaos appropriately. But don't let it deal with you! Great story.
    3847 days ago
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