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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boy do I wish I had never wrote that blog about the Oswcars.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!! You would not believe the hateful e-mails I have received over this.

I really did not mean to insult anyone, or make anyone feel bad about watching TV. I watch TV all the time.

I though that this blog site was too share your feeling and your thoughts about stuff. I don't agree with everyone's blog either, but I do not write them nasty notes about it.

We, Sorry I though we were suppost to be supportive for each other.

If this does not pertain to who ever is reading this, Then let me say I am sorry again , it was not meant to insult anyone.

Please except my apology , I will not make the mistake of doing it again.


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I hope you contacted Spark Coaches about this. They will deal with them. And I did not watch the Oscars---waste of time in my opinion!
    2958 days ago
    Donna, You owe no one an apology!! To thine own self be true. This is your page, your blogs, and your opinions. YOURS!!! I went and read your blog on the Oscars...nothing there to be upset about. I didn't watch them nor did I care too. But, like you, that is my right. There are too many other things in my life to worry about and pray over. Anyone who was upset over your blog has problems too big for you and me to tackle on our own...may God be with them and help them.
    Please do not let this get you down, my friend. Keep up the good fight...which is to get to the healthiest you can be. Continue to believe in yourself and God and keeping your priorities straight.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Blessings and hugs,
    2958 days ago
    Hey Donna they just need to get over it. You have a right to express your opinion. Just keep smiling they will get over it eventually! LOL emoticon
    2960 days ago
    Hey Donna...ummm...are we still living in the USA? Last I heard the First Amendment of the US Constitution gives you the right to freedom of speech. Enjoy that freedom Donna. We don't have to agree with what you say. We need to accept your right to say it. No apologies needed.
    2961 days ago
    Donna, I have to agree with everyone else here... You have no need to say you are sorry. You did nothing wrong. You are entitled to your opinion just like everyone else.
    Now don't let that person who is sending you nasty emails get to you. Just block them. And forget them.
    What is important is your friends and team that ARE here to support you. That is what Spark is all about.

    2961 days ago
    Donna, I agree with Marla...No need to apologize for your blog. Indeed this is a forum for you to express your opinions...and others through their comments bring a new dimension to the discussion. Why anyone is nasty is ridiculous. My experience is that people are uncomfortable when talking about G-d and instead of being kind they seem to lash out. This happened to a member on another team of mine.

    When I blog, I look forward to comments - maybe it's my crazy New England upbringing, but even the nasty ones will sometimes make me rethink something. John tells me I have a cock-eyed optimist view of the world...maybe he's right...for I try to find the positive even in the nasty and negative.

    You just keep on writing...Hugs!
    2961 days ago
    Don't censor yourself, blogs are an open forum but I honestly believe they are a place for us to just talk, and have the freedom to do so. If people don't like it then either close the page and stop reading or politely say why you disagree, nothing wrong with friendly discussion.

    But this is YOUR page, say what you like.
    2961 days ago
    Donna, if people don't like what they read, they don't have to read it and they don't have to comment on it. Everyone has a right to their opinion!

    There is no need to apologize to anyone and hate mail is down right childish!
    2961 days ago
    2961 days ago
    I agree no need to apologize - you were just expressing your own views!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I didn't watch the Oscars either and really don't feel I missed a thing! :)
    2961 days ago
  • MARLA7
    Oh for crying out loud, Donna. You've got to be kidding me? Somebody actually wrote you a nasty email about your blog? They need to get a life! I'm like the others on here.. if I don't agree with something someone wrote, I don't write something nasty to them... I just move on.
    You HAD the right to blog about your opinion of the Oscars.
    Sure, others HAD the right to disagree with you.
    But to get nasty about it is another thing... and in an email too!
    Well, Donna.... just kill 'em with kindness is all I can think to do and let it go. Personally, I wouldn't have apologized for the blog... but that's just me. You're way too kindhearted!
    Keep on blogging girlfriend!
    Love ya, Marla
    2961 days ago
    Blogs are suppose to let everyone put their own feelings in writing, not everyone will agree with everything that is said but you still have the right to say it. This is a place to be supportive of others and if you cannot be then do not comment at all. We all read post daily we do not agree with and then move on without commenting on them I do not understand why people feel they have more of a right to express their opinions then you do. Ignore those comments and express your feelings you have a right to them. You have no need to apologise for honest opinions. Good luck and know there are a lot of good people out there. I personally agree with you I couldn't care less about the Oscars I truly have better and more important things in my life.
    2962 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/11/2010 8:24:51 AM
    Blogs are for you and what you feel..sometimes when we "talk" to people in our blogs they sometimes "talk" back..this is a supportive team and I am sorry that you received backlash..for future reference it may help not to tell people what their priorities should be..I would never do that..because my priorities are different then others..although I respect all...Remember opinions are fine..
    Lori emoticon
    2962 days ago
    You do not have to apologize to me either! I feel we should be supportive of each other. We should respond with love or not respond at all. Every one has different opinions but we should learn to agree to disagree. We are here to support one another.
    You have a right to vent. HAVE A GREAT DAY!
    2962 days ago
    I am with you girl. That is what this site is all about. To be supportive of one another. If someone doesn't like what you have written on your blog, then zone out and stop reading it. No one twisted their arm to read it and their opinions should be kept to themselves. Your blog is exactly that, your blog, and you should express your thoughts, feelings, frustrations or whatever you wish. It only takes one nasty person to turn you off to something. I know what you are talking about. I posted something and it took only one person to be nasty and practically called me a liar. I was sooo hurt, that I almost quit sparkpeople. That person and the people who are making nasty comments on your blog, to me, should be kicked off Sparkpeople. If they can't be supportive, then this site is not for them. Being supportive, is what SparkPeople is all about. Obviously, they don't belong. Sorry for venting.
    2962 days ago
  • DEUCE119
    No problem Donna. We all have different things that we like to do. Just chalk it up as a learning experience. You have a right to your views and that is what the blogs are for. You touched a nerve is all. Write on McDuff!
    2962 days ago
  • KENDALL7261
    I believe the blogs are to share our thoughts and opinions. I also believe a 'reader beware alert,' should be taken before reading anything. If a person doesn't like what you blog, move on. Nasty email doesn't spread the love!
    No need to apologize to me! Have a wonderful day.
    I've always said what's on my mind and I am use to the backlashes that brings. After awhile it's like water off a ducks back. I have an opinion and I'm NOT afraid to voice it!!
    Cheers friend.

    2962 days ago
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