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The End of BLC #11, Eating, the Gym, and BodyBugg!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Okay. So lately I have been eating pretty bad. Last week was restaurant week and I ate out only 4 dinners that week! I don't think I had a home cooked meal all week (lunch or dinner). The only meals I ate home cooked were breakfasts! (and even some of those were bagels and yogurt!) It was nice to sample some of the dishes of the restaurants I would never probably go to otherwise (due to price or type of cuisine). Needless to say, I didn't lose any inches for the challenge but I did end up losing some weight.

So anyway, besides not eating very well, I have been going to the gym. I have been struggling with my eating and therefore my weight loss for the past couple of weeks. One of the nice things about going to the gym is that I don't want to ruin the progress I made by eating bad foods! Even though I ate at restaurant week all week, I didn't go overboard with everything and I exercised at the gym several times - enough to lose 4.8 lbs this week! (and this weight was AFTER I drank another quart of water after the gym and ate dinner!)

Speaking of the gym, I went there today after having an awesome workout yesterdaywhere I had to FORCE myself to leave the gym and go home because I couldn't spend all day there! I did 40 minutes of cardio followed by 40 minutes of weight training and 15 minutes of stretching.... THEN I got home and took Subaka on a 20 minute walk!

That was yesterday... Today was really a struggle! I was looking at the time, watching each segment time go by, checking "how much longer?!?!?", talking myself out of the 60 minute cardio I had planned for today and convincing myself that 30 would be just fine... No, 15 would be really good.... no, 30, no, 10.... Finally, I settled on 30 minutes (but now I'm feeling like I should have just done the 60 minutes even though at the time, I started to get a hip cramp and just overall achiness. I do know if you're hurting then you should stop.. but I'm wondering if I just wasn't THINKING it was hurting so it was... as an excuse not to have to do 60 minutes!)

Anyway, back to gym things. I am a little frustrated with calorie discrepancies between the elliptical and the SP calorie value. When I did 1/2 hour on the elliptical at the gym it said I burned about 300 calories but when I put it into SP fitness tracker, it tells me that I burned just over 500 calories. That's a BIG DIFFERENCE!

This brings me to my last topic, BodyBugg. I have been thinking about one for a few months. It's a little expensive and I have talked about it with a few of my teams (especially the ones that already have it an love it!). I think in the next month or two, I'm going to get the bugg! I am hoping it would clear up the discrepancies between SP and the machines at the gym!

Oh my, it's almost 1am... I've got to get to bed.... emoticon
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    Bodybugg is by 24 hr fitness. ever watch biggest loser? that is the device strapped on their counts steps, figures exercise time based on movement, sweat and probably some other stuff. you can load your food intake as well to give you a picture of calories burned and calories consumed. lots of bells/whistles.

    I have a bodybugg because I found step counters were too inaccurate, didn't work if I wanted to wear a dress. I also have a Garmin person trainer but it doesn't work inside so bodybugg is easy, just straps on my arm...

    like all the calorie burns listed on exercise equipment take w/ a grain of salt- if you are able to upload your weight, the workout calories may be more accurate. if you can't upload your wt, the machine is probably based on a 150 lb person....
    they are mathmatical program, your calorie burn may vary. use as a guideline...if you are working out multiple times a wk say for 350 cals burned each time and cutting back calories, the scale should move downwards.
    btw, many calorie counts on nutrition label are under by as much as 25%, as the regulatory agency gets upset at underreporting so companies make sure they have that amt plus... so they aren't ever under where they would be fined...
    2966 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    I think the body bugg is a good idea for you. I love having my heart rate monitor during my workouts to double check how much I'm really burning. Then you'll know exactly how much you are burning all day! And good job on doing the 30 minutes! Its better than not going at all!
    2966 days ago
    Hi My name is Linda. I like your blog. It is deffinately ok to get frustrated!!! I have a question.... What is a bodybugg?
    2966 days ago
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