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Murphy's Law is In Effect

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yesterday it was warm but cloudy and sprinkling. Today it was sunny and 72 degrees!! As many of you know I made my own weather station when I was in 8th grade and I am a NOAA Storm Spotter. I love weather trivia and folklore. The spring peepers started up last night. According to folklore, once the spring peepers start singing there will be no more snow fall. Flurries can happen but no accumulation. So I will be monitoring that.

My son has spent the last 3 days subbing as the girls P.E. coach at the Junior High. As you recall the former sub left in tears and my son says it is really challenging. Actually he said irritating but that sounds bad. One of the other teachers indicated that one of the girls in his class is a chronic whiner and my son agrees. LOL. Wouldn't you hate to get that label? He is learning a lot, notably that girls this age giggle constantly, are immature, have poor bladder capacity, and have to pee a lot. ROFLMBO!! He had another long day today - got up at 6:30 and left an hour later and got home at 7:30 PM after helping teach 2 classes of Taekwondo plus take a class.

Yesterday I had a lot of errands to run - post office, Alltel, satellite company, newspaper office, DMV, bank, power company, garden store, grain elevator, meat market, Kroger, IGA, Aldis, Walmart, KMart, Lowes, and the tile store. No time for lunch. I got home the same time my son did and he helped me put up the groceries while I fixed supper. Hubby and I went for a walk.

I did finally find the tomato seeds my husband thinks he has to have. He does not like other tomato seeds.

We are working on some projects so I was looking for granite tiles to make a mausoleum for Wheeler and some colorful tiles for a dining room table we were given. It's really nice but I want to change the inlaid tiles on it. I have to recover the chair cushions as well.

Today was a mess. My son called 3 times from work so every time I turned around the phone was ringing. He is sick of adolescent girls and after this stint he may opt for sterilization for himself. LOL. Plus I blew an egg up in the microwave. Squirted catch-up on one of my kitchen bar-stool cushions. Slopped BBQ sauce out of my slow cooker. And had tons of indoor and outdoor work to do. I had to cut back some winter shrubs, burn the trash as it is raining tomorrow, load the dishwasher twice, wash some dishes by hand, and do a load of laundry. Plus all my outdoor and indoor chores. And then to top it all off, when I went to get the mail at the post office my muffler hanger broke on my car a half mile from home. An elderly neighbor lady had some Xmas lights and helped me tie it up with those so I could crawl home. Hubby fixed it tonight when he got home.

Today I realized I was dehydrated as I upped my exercise without upping my water intake. I have some "low carb flu" symptoms as well.

The last few days I have proven to myself that I can achieve my goals if I set my standards high enough.

Calories - 1313
Carbs - 123 (net - 99)
Fats - 49
Proteins - 71

Steps - 23,871
Miles - 9.79
Cardio Minutes - 151
Cardio Steps - 15,960
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Had to laugh about the egg blowing up in the microwave. as it happeneds to me and I had a heck of a time getting it off the kitchen ceiling, walls and blinds.
    span> emoticon

    2991 days ago
    I like the christmas tree lights solution the best of anything since I heard the Dali Lama giggle. emoticon
    2992 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    WOW What a day! I'm glad I was not following you around.

    But your Stats are GREAT. UP that fluid intake though.

    2993 days ago
    Your poor son! I hope their teacher returns back soon. Is he teaching in the same school he went to growing up? Yesterday was so nice, today was really nice also. I hope you got to enjoy today as well! Keep drinkin your water!
    2993 days ago
    up the water too

    I totally agree about adolescent girls.
    2993 days ago
    PHEW I'm need a nap after reading this!! LOL
    You are one busy lady!
    2993 days ago
    Wow you've been busy in your neck of the woods!! Nice temperature there 72!!! We think were doing great here at 10C. which is about 50F... seriously there are people in shorts!!LOL...
    2993 days ago
    I loved doing a virtual walk in your shoes today - that is the ONLY kind that I could even try to keep up with...
    2993 days ago
  • FITB4-40
    What a full day. Tying your muffle up with Christmas lights, that's hysterical! I hope your son can hang in there with those girls, I agree girls that age are iritating.

    Your stats look great! emoticon
    2993 days ago
    WOW are you going girl!!
    2993 days ago
    Girl you rock.
    I'm going back to bed you've worn me out!
    2993 days ago
    Your son's gym class students sound pretty frustrating (like a lot of teenage girls, I imagine).

    And WOW -- your days are packed!! Way to stay on track -- but drink your water!! :)
    2993 days ago
  • ROWAN532
    just reading YOUR day made me tired, emoticon
    2993 days ago
  • MRE1956
    OMG - I'm tired and I need to go back to bed (8:39AM EST) - and that's not an option! Your schedule reminds me of that old saying from a commercial - I think it was the Army - "we get more done in an hour than most people do all day!"


    My best thoughts go out to your son - I can't imagine taking on the kind of stuff he's doing......teenage girls all day - YIKES!

    2993 days ago
    You must not be busy enough if you have to make your own messes, LOL!

    We're going to have so many issues with flooding this spring that I almost hope we get another hard freeze or two. I love the spring-like preview we're getting, but folks along the river are really gonna get it this year.


    No comment re: adolescent girls; I didn't even like BEING one!
    2993 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    It made me tired just reading about all your errands.

    What kind are the tomato seeds? My husband thinks all tomatoes must be
    Rutgers variety.

    We heard the Peepers yesterday too and it was exciting as we relate them to arrival of Spring also.

    Take care and have a GREAT day. I go in today for my Pulmonary Lung Function (semi annual) and then to see my Pulmonologist. He is going to be so surprised as I have lost 4" off my waist, am down 9#, and am doing more exercise than ever. I owe it to Spark and the great motivation I get from all my Spark Friends - like you. You are doing awesome.

    Take care and have a Terrific Thursday.


    span> emoticon

    2993 days ago
    Your work on your program is emoticon !!! Had to laugh about your muffler tied up with Christmas lights and your son learning the ways of adolescent girls. He should try teaching them some TKD to toughen them up! emoticon
    2993 days ago
    What a day!
    2993 days ago
  • SATURN2002
    WOW, and I thought my day was busy, Hope when Saturday comes you take a time out for yourself.

    2993 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    Wow, you are a busy girl! I am so surprised with the amount of exercise some people get in on top of their busy life. I am trying to do more and have reached my all-time best in number of minutes, but it sure doesn't look as awesome as your activity. I may use you as my role model.

    My son will be subbing in a one/ two multiage room this week. The highlights will include a bowling field trip and distributing class report cards. I am glad that I have a regular job because the variety of things that a sub gets to do--although educational for the teacher--would be tough for me after a while. I need to do my own activities and would have trouble "being someone else." I think that is something I have to remember as I approach retirement time.

    I need to go look at your page to see where you live. I am so happy to see signs of spring, but it is far too soon to be considering a garden here. We could get some tomato seedlings started though so that we don't have to purchase tomato plants this year. I appreciate the good idea from you.

    Thanks so much for all of the encouragement you have been giving me through the struggles I have been having at work and through this big flare of back pain and arthritis that I have been going through. I appreciate all of the help I can get and having a friend like you is a real blessing..

    Thanks so much, Sylvia
    2993 days ago
    I laughed outloud at sterilization, egg, and tomato seeds. What are peepers & low carb flu? Wow if my muffler thingie broke I would have NO clue and would have it towed. I'm impressed. But then again I have no better half at home to fix it, so, it'd have to go to the garage anyways.

    2993 days ago
    May I phone you every time my kids are annoying?
    2993 days ago
    Wow, wow, always amaze me with your busy schedule!! I'm so happy to see signs of spring here.

    Oh, school...I have to say, I'm at the K-2 level and this week the behaviors have been so exhausting...ugh!!! And I have two whiney girls in my household - oh my....oh my....

    Glad tomorrow's Thursday, as that's what I call "Friday Eve", and the way my week has gone, Saturday just can't get here soon enuf!!
    2993 days ago
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