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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So through many of my "venting" blogs all of you know all the things going on in my life all at once! lol...its overwhelming and stressful but good stressful and overwhelming.

Only 4 months and 7 days till the big day! Stressed out over the fact that NONE of my girls have dresses. I am also doing DIY invites and have not started those. The fiance and I are going down to visit my grandparents once more before the wedding to finish up the last of the vendors in April.

We are also moving forward with the house and everyone is striving for April 1st to be our closing date. The inspection went well and we started packing. OMG do have a ton of stuff.

And I am hoping to get done with school by the end of next week....and this is what I am having trouble with.

I have slipped off the band wagon as far as working out. Last week I was completely stressed, thought I was going to have to put a straight-jacket on and take a time out lol. And then of course this week the with the nice weather finally upon us, I get sick!! I think its a bad bout of allergies but man have they been kicking my butt. So I have been re-evaluating the situation and tried to figure out what would be best for me to do at this moment.

Well with school almost done I figured I would take the next 2 weeks off from working out (still eating clean) and concentrate on getting done with school before we move and then I will be able to take the final after we aredone moving. School has taken over my life in the morning, noon and night, honestly! I am just having trouble feeling like I am a "failure" but I know this would be the best thing for me. Once school is done, I can concentrate on packing, working out, the wedding, etc. I guess I am just hoping to hear that I am doing the right thing...looking towards my friends to kinda lift my spirits! I need to MAKE SURE that once school is done, I truly devote myself back to working out with the P90X regiment. Any opinions???

Thought I would add a cute little photo of me when I was younger, since I uploaded a ton of photos of me and the fiance to hopefully do a slide show during the wedding!!
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  • BCGIRL74
    First of all, YAY, you're almost done school!!! Isn't Advanced E a killer?! I think that taking 2 weeks off from exercising is fine while you're finishing the course and under all this pressure. BUT, just make sure that you're eating within your nutrition ranges, and really clean, which it sounds like you're doing. And once you write the final get right back into excising. Do you have a tentative date for writing the final? I just booked mine....March 17. AAAAHHHH....I'm so scared!!
    4006 days ago

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    So many of us are in some of the same situations. Life happens! Do what makes you feel good. And as another post said, nutrition really is where it is at. If you can't fit in the gym time, make sure you eat well. Eventually everything will balance out. Besides, you really want to do P90x in the 90 days right before the wedding ;-)
    4006 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6094150
    Whew... emoticon I have been where you are and am totally understanding what you say.
    A break from the gym sounds understandable and sometimes exercise can not be what we want it to be. During my busiest times I would try to get outside and walk for 20-30 mins emoticon . I didn't have to suit up or doing anything special just shoes and I am off.
    I have also found the video's that C. Nicole does on this website are really good and some of them you don't need anything but a mat...if you have dumb-bells emoticon or a ball emoticon then you can add some others but if you don't you can still get a good workout.
    Hope this helps....
    4006 days ago
    hey! Wow your life kind of sounds like mine! haha. School, wedding planning, house renos. Eerie. Anyway - I think you're on the right track! Working out and I have such an interesting relationship. I love working out - but sometimes I feel like I when I'm trying to jam it in to an already packed day that it's just more of a stresser than a de-stresser. I honestly believe that reaching weightloss goals is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise (even though I wish it were reversed mmm food!) That being said - taking some time off of the gym shouldn't hurt you too much, as long as you stick to your clean diet and stay within calories. And especially if you're weight training, a rest week or two could be really beneficial! (you've probably heard this all before but whatever lol) Good luck on the last of the wedding organization.. Reminds me that I should probably get on the invitations hey? :-P and choose my second bridesmaid!!!! Good luck! :)
    4006 days ago
    haha a bow-head. I know I have at least two school pics of me with a bow head :)

    I think it's important to get at least a little exercise. Can you squeeze in 30min a day, 3 times a week? Just walking briskly will help. I always feel better if I get some exercise, even if it isn't at the intensity or length I normally do. Maybe you can do some treadmill work while you catch up on reading or study flashcards.

    I do think it's good to know when to back off. I've done something similar lately, since we have 2mo left until our wedding. I've decided to focus on running and not do other cardio, and only ST 2x/wk (I normally did 3-4x, plus cross training 3x/wk) It's amazing how much pressure that's relieved, and I have more time to get those little things done without feeling overwhelmed. Don't worry so much though! 4mo is plenty of time! Focus hard on school for a little while and then you can switch gears and work on your house :)
    4007 days ago
    Awe you do have alot going on! I know hwo that feels! It's all temporary thankfully and you will ahve amazing things to look forward to after all your hard work!

    Hang in there and rem. through everything, taking care of you is important too! emoticon
    4007 days ago
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