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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boy! when am i going to stop these back on the band wagon blogs. Anyway - am not going to bash myself (i am very nice to "me" u see...) but travelling on work, the holiday etc had just thrown me and my life out of gear!

So on sunday - i went to the super market and stocked up on "good" food to allow myself to get back on track.

What am i doing is trying to combine what Rujuta Diwekar (Author of "Dont loose ur mind, loose ur weight" fame - Indians would know her) and Spark people advocate and making something that works for me


1) Rujuta recommends eating something small every 2 hours and no coffee/tea first thing in the morning.

- have succeeded with coffee/tea piece though i do have a couple of cups of coffee later in the day
- small meals every 2 hours - yes i am doing that - while she advocates not to worry abt calories - i am using the calories counter and weighing my food to ensure i am not over eating. This works u know - by 5:30 in the evening or so i am done- i am not hungry and have done away with the binging (I think so at least)...i try and enter my food into the nutrition tracker the previous day -so that i can pack my lunch accordingly. So at the end of the day i just make the required adjustments and plan for the next day

1) hmmmm not happening-this is my bug bear - i manage my aerobics 3 a week...its the remaining days i am having a problem with. I wanted to go on the frequency training (program in Jan-10 prevention magazine) but my knee has been troubling me and am not comfortable on the treadmill. i need to manage a walk in the morning and for thta I NEED TO SLEEP EARLY...which ummmm doesn't happen.

So actionables
1) Sort out sleep cycle and hence exercise on weekdays can be sorted
2) Exercise first thing on weekend to ensure i get in some exercise

Also i have got my husband to read Rujuta's book and he is with me on the nutrition bit...shall help i think to have him onboard and bully him and hence me into eating well.

Guys in India - seriously recommend t he book - very practical and easy to follow...whether it gives results...ummmm that we need to see :)

High points:
the weighing scale has not moved up or down which is a good thing considering i haven't exercised in 3 weeks.
My body and skin look and feel better and i am feeling healthier.

And all this coz i was on the bandwagon for 1.5 months ----

The low point

What if i had continued....Ummmmm...spilt milk sob sob
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  • KOMAL53
    Rome was not built in a day---took some time coming up!!!This is best way to reduce---eating small meals every 2 hours----you don't get hungry enough to crave Food and then binge!!!Once you body gets used to this way of being fed---bingeing should be a part of your past!!!
    Best of Luck for a total 100% SUCCESS!!!!
    emoticon emoticon
    3011 days ago
    I too have the book and use some of the pointers, very practical....yeah, focus on the present.
    3024 days ago
  • SAASHA17
    hey..its ok...u will do this...yeah heard abt the book..isnt she kareena kapoor;s nutritionist or something...well will see u in size 0

    Well u can do this...
    3025 days ago
  • MEGANC1988
    Welcome back to the wagon :)
    3025 days ago
    Glad to hear that things are going well! Sparks also encourages more, small meals, though not quite every 2 hours--more like 3 "main" meals and what I think of as up to 2 "mini-meals." It does cut down on the snacking because it helps stabilizes your blood sugar and keeps hunger from getting out of control.

    I'm also struggling to be consistent with my exercise--I've not stopped entirely but I'm not getting my 5 days a week in, either. Sigh. Working on that.

    But... it's pointless to regret the past. Better to focus on what you can control, the present.
    3025 days ago
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