Seven Days of Things That Bug Me, Day Two, 3.9.10

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sorry if you stopped by yesterday and I wasn't home. It's not like I purposely 'planned' on not being home - it just happened.

OK, I happen to be a Christian (just as a warning - if it's needed).

Remember the Killer Whale at Seaworld that killed it's trainer just a short time ago? Well, it seems as if there are some "Religionists"(?) who are demanding the animal be put down on religous grounds.

When I heard about this, my head fell to the side, my eyes rolled and I said, "Whaattt? So I had to jump on the Net to try to find this. . . . . stuff.

Sure enough, a group on the left coast (COW) was calling for the large beasty to be put down, "based on scripture". I don't remember exactly the scripture, but the basic statement was, "If an ox gores a man, it should be put down and the meat not eaten".

But that wasn't enough. They went on to quote, "If an ox gores a man and the owner does nothing, if the ox gores another man both the owner and the ox should be put down".

Whoa horsey!

It seems that our Killer Whale had killed another man in the past, before he went to Seaworld, but wait for the facts. In the exhibition where he was formerly housed, the place closed for the night. In came an intrepid nimrod who wanted to go swimming with the Whale. He was found the next day, laying on the platform where the whale brought back things he had caught in the show. Pretty well trained whale, I'd say.

What fact they made a point of sharing was that the mans swimming trunks had been torn off. That one totally stumped me. Were they implying some sort of beastiality was involved? Certainly, I didn't know.

People have gotten in trouble for as long as I can track history over what the Bible says and what it means. To me there are a couple of salient points.

1. As far as the swimmer was concerned, what part of 'KILLER Whale' did he not understand? I certainly wouldn't blame the whale. In fact, I'm not sure the whale was soing anything other than having a serious game of some sort, some whale game.

It's my understanding that in the wild, when a Killer Whale is hungry or psisted off, it goes for the center of mass and seperates the brain from the feet (so to speak). The guy had some scratches. Most pre-mortum, a few post-mortum. When the guy quit playing, the whale got bored and put him where his trainers had taught him to put toys.

2. As far as the scripture is concerned, it specifically said an ox, but I think it probably was applied to all domesticated creatures. There is nowhere in Scripture that I can find that specifically directs one to kill a wild beast for doing wild beast things. Taht's sort of an impied, duhh.

In modern times if a wild beast out in the wild did wild beast things that aggravaed a man, he'd probably get a few of his buddies up for a wild beast posse and take care of the problem.

But what we have here is a wild beast that we humans have kept in captivity for it's whole life, TRYING to train the big dude. His instincts just aren't the same as a dog, not even the same as a cat - and they are pretty darn independant. This is a wild animal with wild animal instincts.

Some of the same group of religionists suggested that if killing the whale was too cruel, it should be released into the wild! Hellooo. He's been in captivity for years. There's nothing nor anybody in the cruel ocean that is liable to toss him food or give him food for the night.

What do you think would happen? He'd either starve or wind up as dinner for a shark or another Killer Whale. Either way, should the religionist's have their way, he would be dead.

His crime? acting like a Killer Whale.

Personally, religionist's who quote scripture that isn't even applicable, give those of us who try to be good Christians a bad name. It makes us look like someone from Looney Tunes-ville.

It also ignores the One Great Principle that is taught in the New Testament. That principle is Love. It trumps everything.

Just sayin'
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    Great post!
    3965 days ago
    I think I agree with you here. Is it part of man's arrogance that playing with killer whales is OK? Do we as an american society have the right to expect to see a lion tamer and not have to watch him get mauled because we are under the expectation that there is a rapport with the animal? Does one have a rapport with a killer whale?
    3965 days ago
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