Ending my Personal Boot Camp

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Well for the last 5 days, I have exercised twice as much as normal (well more like 3 or 4 times as much), eaten so deliberately healthy, & had so much more water than usual that I am glad I'm on the end of this 5-day "mini-boot-camp" thing imposed on me by ME!

I did it to hopefully lose 2 pounds this week, which will make a mid-way weight goal for me in the range that's not TOO TOO bad...and if that happens when I weigh on my weigh-day (which is always on Friday's) - then I will be so motivated to continue & not get burned out. I'll go back to normal exercise & healthy eating as of tomorrow - with the hopes that this past 5 days has given me the jump-start I needed to lose 2 pounds this week! I realize that losing any more after this is going to be slow (NO ONE can live this way - I have practically 'hermitted' myself from the world, to exercise & so forth here at home) , but I just really needed to be mentally at a new "starting point", weight-wise.

I'm praying to weigh 155 on Friday - I started at 178 & really want to be at 139 (spark-people says 133 - so I'll try for that - but to be at 139 would make me a pretty happy camper) . For now, I feel like being at 155 is a little over half-way there. And I know me. I know that I can't keep the pace I've gone for the last 5 days without hitting burn-out.

SO - I just wanted to back off & go slowly for the rest of this losing journey, but only if I could hit 155 first. (I know I am rambling & probably not making much sense, but I type exactly like I talk & I'm blonde, after all...)

ANYWAY - I can hardly wait for Friday to get here, so I can weigh to see if I made it down to 155. (Last Friday I weighed 157...so to lose 2 pounds in a week is a lot to ask, after having just lost 2 pounds the week before. ) If this works for me - then I will highly recommend that you try it when you have a little block of time in your life when you don't have so much going on , that you can devote 4 or 5 days to exercise, eating right, drinking water, etc etc & really going gung-ho with your own little personal boot camp. It can serve as a good jump-start & motivate you, also when you see the results on that scale.

Now. If the rest of this week would just please hurry on through itself, so I can get to Friday!! :)
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