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Sunday Blog - Obstacles!!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

You don't even have to look for Obstacles - they just find you!!

Time, food challenges, injury, guests, parties, long working hours, stress (oh, I could write a book on stress) - can you think of anything else?

Time is a common problem and if you look back and think about my "Be an Early Riser" blog - that helps solve this problem. Get up an hour earlier so that you can have some quiet alone time to "get it done" and feel great all day from your hard work!!

Food challenges, along with parties and guests - think about what the food situation will be before you go or encounter. For some eating a salad prior to going really helps curb some of the appetite. Or sample it all, just make sure it is a "sample".

Long working hours - maybe pack some easy finger food, and a good middle of the time line meal for yourself. You have all the control when you prepare your own food and take it with you.

Injury - hard one - no one likes to be sidelined by something beyond their control. My best advise - LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. When I first had my knee scoped 2 years ago, I was bound and determined to "get back in the game" and I pushed. Pushed way too hard. Ended up hurting myself, making it worse and making the recovery time much longer. Once I had the TKR, I listened to the doctors and even better than that, I listened to my body. Believe me, if you listen - it is talking. If it hurts, back off, if it is swollen, ice it, start with baby steps and work up from there!!

Stress - well, to be honest, I am still working on this one. When I am stressed I tend to turn to food. So I have started working on alternatives and not sure I have yet found the answer. I try taking a break and either walk or read for a bit. I plan snacks and take my lunch. I just have trouble staying away from the work candy dish and portion control at night. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Obstacles will always come up. Expect them. Have a basic plan in mind. Think about what the situation is that you are about to encounter.

And most of all - just because you may not have handled the issue the best - it is not the end of the world. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again!!

I love this quote and it just fits...

"You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down." ~ Mary Pickford
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LLEWIS6879
    I like your quote and I'm adding it to my collection.
    Here's a similar one for you...

    "We are not finished when we lose (or for spark people, maybe it should read "fail") We are finished when we quit."

    PS I'm a crap-knee person too. Three scopes on L, one on R. My last surgery on L, my surgeon told me, "that's a 60 year old knee on a 40 year old body." (There's a quote I could do without!!) EEWW!! THAT'S when I started taking Glucosamine and I think it helped, but now I have torn that ACL too! What a mess!!
    Still, with my brace I can function and I'm NOT having the ACL surgery since I know what's involved and the recovery and all that when I figure I'm in for TKR in the next 10 years or so.
    You seem like you're really looking honestly at yourself and identifying your weaknesses. (Other than your knee ;-)
    Good for you!
    3774 days ago
  • RE2BAH

    The only thing that has worked for me when the candy dish (or anything else that practically begs to be eaten) is to visualize the ingredients (usually the thought of that is enough to deter me), but, if that is not enough, and the calories put me over my nutrition tracker, I think of how long I'd have to add to my workout to break even. Things have to be really terrific to pass those tests!

    Thanks for the quote!
    3777 days ago
    I came to your page from a Spark mailer and glad i did. That quote would have great for me to use when I was teaching at-risk kids. I am doing some volunteer teaching and I am going to use that quote as the "spark" for some biographical poetry writing.
    Thanks for sharing your journey.
    3778 days ago
    Hi there! great blog with good advice,especially about recovering from injury!About the candy dish at work... I would bring to work some sugar free candy...I love the individually wrapped Wethers candies...you'll get a taste of sweetness without massive calories...you can take a few a day with you so you don't feel the need to indulge in the work bowl candy..or you can fill up the bowl at work for everyone and start a new trend with better-for-you candy...I'll bet your co workers would appreciate it and it might turn the tide. Maybe everyone can bring in some other bagged sugar free candy.
    I enjoyed hearing about your "critters" and envy you being able to have them...they look adorable.
    Keep up the great attitude and work(out) ethic! emoticon
    3778 days ago
  • PRESHA911
    As for the candy dish and late night snacking, I always had a problem with this in the past. I started out by taking it one day at a time instead of thinking, "I'll never eat from the candy dish or eat after dinner." Once I had a few weeks behind me, it was a habit I couldn't break. Now, I'm not remotely tempted by them. Hope this works for you!
    3778 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4043450
    I feel your fight with the candy dish - everytime I walk into our breakroom at work I am confronted by massive amounts of food with sugar - especially chocolately donuts - my utter weakness! I'm still learning how to avoid that one! With regards to night time snacks, what I do is a.) not keep unhealthy snacks in my apartment period - instead I have frozen italian ice (ok a bit sugary but its ice), fruits, 100 calorie snack packs if I must indulge; of b.) I like working out after work so by the time I get home from my after work workout, I have to eat dinner, and by then it's almost bedtime so I jump in the hot shower which helps me relax and then I am ready for bed. I know a lot of people dont like evening workouts, but it definitely works for me to avoid night time snacking! :)
    3803 days ago
  • KAT573
    Jan; good blog! I have found that exercising the mind requires as much work as the body and they complement each other so I tend to look at the Wellness articles dealing with stress; dunno if they will have anything to offer you so here is a link (Right most column on Wellness articles has many stress-related articles. )


    Since comments here do not allow creation of links, you would need to copy/paste into your browser if you think it is worth a look! Keep up the good work, lady!

    3803 days ago
    I'm writing down that quote. I love it.
    3804 days ago
    That quote is now in my motivational quotes notebook!!

    Candy dish - close eyes and run away!! That's all I got. LOL!!

    You are so right. We need to approach life with a plan (and a plan B and sometimes even a plan C), because something almost always comes up. But if we think about things before hand we will know that we have options, and not be "forced" to do something.

    3804 days ago
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