over snacking on "cheat days"

Saturday, March 06, 2010

I'll plug a picture of myself and my beautiful girlfriend here:

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    I find what works best for me, is not restricting myself to the point that i obsess over it! My mom even notices... "when you count calories, you go overboard!" Its true!! when i count calories... food is CONSTANTLY on my mind and i totally obsess over it! If i am not on a "diet" i usually find myself eating less than i would normally when i count calories. True, i might make better decisions when i count calories, but when it comes down to it, weight loss is about calories in vs calories out. I need to find a good balance! Anyways, back to my point... you can have an oreo, just dont over think it to the point where you think you are starving and NEEEEEED an oreo! :)
    3029 days ago
    Couln't get this one to load for some reason, but the picture of you and your girlfriend is awesome.

    Ok tried again and it loaded, Bella is your biggest fan. Everytime she hears your voice she begs for me to pick her up so she can watch and she stays glued to the screen as if to hang on your every word-lol.

    I am glad you got to spend time with your girlfriend and had a nice experience at Fire and Ice that sounds like a really great place.

    Now get back to exercising like you promised Dallas-lol.

    Have a great evening.
    3030 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/8/2010 11:12:59 PM
    Fire 'N Ice sounds awesome! Definitely allow yourself to eat sweets like Oreos if you want then. If you eat one/two when you crave won't indulge when you do give in. I had to definitely learn that the hard way :)

    3030 days ago
    Yay ... so great to see you Chris! Sounds like you had an awesome day! Im so sorry I havent blogged - I actually did a blog yesterday - and I really liked it. But unfortunately, I forgot that I had some clothing hanging out to dry behind me and I dont want to post it :o( Boooooo! Im going to really try to do a blog tonight - I want to tell everyone some new developments in my life!!

    PS..your girlfriend is adoreable!!!! Get her to make a guest appearance so we can all meet her!!
    3030 days ago
    Hey Chris! I'm glad you are still here! Your "MOMMA" worries! Your girlfriend is so pretty! I see why you have a hard time getting on here,don't blame you! AHH, to be young and in love....,but it's time to get to business! Workout my friend! I've been doing ok, but my weight isn't coming off yet. I hope I lose some of the weight I gained last week. It's so much hard work to take it off, putting it on is so easy! Too bad it couldn't be the other way around! haha!

    We can do this "ONE" oreo cookie at a time!
    Take Care,
    MOMMA emoticon
    3031 days ago
  • LYSH05
    hey hot couple!!! way cute gf ... i understand what you mean with the oreos (except wiht me its french fries) ..i do notice that the longer i eat health-ier ... the better my craings gets .. but after a "cheat" day ... it all comes rushing back to me ... i am trying not to have a desiginated cheat day ..and allow myself to cheat occasionally ..i notice if i do this ... im not dying for "cheat day" to come .. like i usually am ...and i tend to last longer between my fry cravings ... maybe that might work for you???

    good luck either way .. and make sure u do your JM shred .. you can do it!!! :)
    3031 days ago
    Oreos. I'm not restricted from having an Oreo, but it's like a Lay's Potato Chip, "betcha can't eat just one!" Nothing is off limits, but some foods aren't my best nutrition choices. That's one of them. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the report and the lovely photo.
    3031 days ago
  • AERIAL06
    If you want a cookie then have a cookie - don't deprive yourself. That's my belief at least. That restaurant that you were describing sounds sooooo good. We have a few places like that where I live back home. Oh, and thank you SO MUCH for not showing your feet. Feet freak me out. I'm not kidding.

    Btw, you and your girlfriend are just too cute together :]
    3031 days ago
    We have a restaurant like that called the Mongolian Grill. Yummy! One trick I use when it comes to junk food is before I eat it I research it online. Did you know oreo filling has animal fat in it? Yuck... no more oreos for me! Hope you are feeling better and get to work out tomorrow! Oh, and the girlfriend is very pretty. You make an awesome couple :)
    3031 days ago
    I saw that mouse the other day at Best Buy it does look awesome!! :) I LOVE my MacBook and my husband's Mac Mini too!! :) Sounds like you had a great day!
    3031 days ago
    I know what you mean by eating one cookie and then it turns into ten... I dont allow myself to have just one so then when you do eat something good another one tastes good and another.. i will have to remember to allow myself to have one of something when i want it instead of always saying no...Your girlfriend is very pretty and Im glad you didnt show us your feet lol....
    3032 days ago
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