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Friday, March 05, 2010

Now THERE'S a euphemism.

I had a Hepatobiliary Scan with CCK.

It wasn't horrific, but definitely didn't make the list of my top five ways to spend an afternoon.

My sweet husband stayed with me the whole time, which I really appreciated. He was a good distraction, especially for the bad parts.

The needle wasn't in the vein properly when the tech started the CCK - boy, howdy, that burned like a mf in hell. He had to shut that down and start on the other arm.

And the part in that article where it said, "it will recreate the symptoms" but don't worry - they can bite my ample, dimpled white a$$.

Got my new sphygmomanometer today - it's PURPLE!!!! lol - YAY! My husband insists on calling it a 'smegmometer' - is there any question why I LOVE this man? He's such a goof. :) I learnt him how to take BP today and he's feeling quite proud of hisself.

The bad news is that after almost a week on the new BP meds - my BP was 220/86 tonight at its highest.

Honestly, not much scares the Roobster, but I'm pretty disturbed. Yes, I will be talking to the doc again tomorrow. It's just so weird - my pressure has always been normal until a couple of months ago - so what is going on and how do we fix it before Roob strokes out? I hate feeling out of control.

Oh, but I was down two more pounds this week.

btw, if you offer to pray for me, I'll kick you in your tenders.
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    I'm glad you're staying on top of this, Mum. It gives me hope. :)

    And it makes me pay more attention to my numbers, too. It's never too early, right?

    Is it possible the BP meds just take time to start working? I know there are many, many different ones to try, so keep truckin!!!!

    And your grand-cat Ninja is out hunting a fresh sparrow, chickadee or robin for you. We'll read the bones later, let you know the outcome. emoticon
    3303 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/6/2010 2:41:33 PM
    Glad you'll be talking to the doctor and put your foot down, I'm not going to pray for you. But can I send good wishes?
    3304 days ago
    Wow, I can't imagine how bad that must feel. Even a few points up and my head is ready to explode... Fingers crossed that they'll figure out what's going on with you! (Stand back, kids, I'm going to try... SCIENCE!)

    Hugs... hope you feel better very soon...


    PS: Smegmometer! Brilliant!
    3304 days ago
    Congrats on the 2 pounds - at least there was a bright note in all the other crap you are dealing with. Good luck finding a fix for the bp!
    3304 days ago
    LOL@Alex. My mom and I always say, "I'll sacrifice a goat for you."

    Rooby, that sounds just awful! (FWIW, I just had my gallbladder yanked, and I highly recommend it, if they think it's diseased. I feel SO much better.) Your husband sounds like a keeper.

    My hubby has had success with Lisinopril and meditation (yes really!). The good news is there are lots of drugs out there and you can try till you find something that works.

    I'm so impressed with your continuing the weight loss through this. Even if it would be the most irrational thing to do, I'd be so tempted by the Ben & Jerry's if I was going through that!
    3304 days ago

    My spouse has high bp which wasn't being controlled so well with meds. I put him on the DASH diet and this morning his bp is 139/87--a considerable improvement!

    If anyone tells you that the DASH diet is an easy transition, they're lying. It's a pain in the patoot! But it's better than the alternative--and it's doable with a lot of extra work. Give it a try for two weeks; if it doesn't do anything, then all you've lost is a couple of weeks. It's healthy, I gotta say that much.

    Good luck!
    3304 days ago
    Hi Roo,
    I promise not to pray for you. I may kill a chicken at midnight at the crossroads, but nothing more than that, I promise.

    Congrats on the weight loss part. Hope the BP part gets under control soon.

    Best, Alex
    3304 days ago
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