March 04, 2010

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Well, the news from the doctor was good and bad last week. The good news is that the things that are wrong with me are still in the range where they can be addressed by diet and exercise. The bad news is:

1. I am borderline diabetic. I've been expecting this. It is non-affectionately referred to as the Price Family Scourge in my family of origin, because all of my Father's 5 siblings had it, and at least one of their children had it. My Mother's Mother developed it later in life as well; so it has been the Damoclean sword hanging over my head for years while my Thyroid has failed and my weight has crept ever upward, and I've begun to notice signs of developing neuropathy in my feet.

2. The left atrial chamber of my heart is slightly enlarged...probably due to the mitral valve prolapse I've lived with since having Rheumatic Fever as a teenager.

3. My cholesterol level is waaaaay too high. On the good side, though...my HDL/LDL/Triglyceride balance is good.

4. My blood pressure is creeping upward at a depressing rate.

So I came home from the doctor's office, fixed myself a humongous gluten free hamburger and French Fries and a Hot Fudge Brownie A la Mode, watched a movie, and slept soundly! Lest you think me suicidally depressed, let me explain that this cleared out the last of the potentially offending foods from the Fridge/Freezer, and I went shopping yesterday for a cart load of fruits and veggies. I'm looking forward to clean cooking from here on out. The forthcoming eating plan will include items like Lemon Parsley Soup; Penne Pasta with Spinach Walnut Pesto and Fresh Tomatoes; Sprouted Seed Veggie Paninis; Homemade Granola with Homemade Yogurt and Fruit; Raw Veggie Salad; Pumpkin Bisque; Squash Soup with Pecans and Greens; Tuscan Garbanzo Bean Salad; Roasted Greek Chicken and Brown Rice Bake; Salmon with Lime Dill Sauce; Fontina Prosciutto Pizza with Artichokes and Portabello Mushrooms; Almond Strawberry Smoothies; Melon Berry Salad with Honey Lime Dressing; Quinoa Primavera; Tomato Salad with Red Onions, Capers, and Garlic Aioli; Lentil Spinach Salad with Pears, Pecans, and Goat Cheese;...anyway...I think you get the picture. None of these meals will exceed 400 calories at a pop unless I truly pig out...portion control is still my nemesis, and the sodium and sugar content of them is generally within allowable limits for me. Sodium will be the hardest thing for me to control, for while I have long ago thrown out the salt shaker, I still love things like lots of cheese. (I could live on cheese and onion enchiladas!!) I figure that allowing myself an occasional relatively sodium loaded meal like the Pizza in the foregoing list will not be too bad...by occasional, I mean about once a month. I am hosting a Bible Study/Prayer group along with my sister this weekend, and I'm making a pot of Vegetarian chili with Pinto beans and Soy veggie crumbles instead of meat. It is going to be a Pot Luck Meal, (This may be the "splurge" meal of the month!!) so I will have to exercise self control. I have difficulty doing this when I am occupied in a social setting, and it is easy to find myself mindlessly munching due to the "nerves" of trying to keep my energy levels up enough to interact with other people and not just melt into the carpet.

Well, anyway...planning and preparation and discipline seem to be the prerequisites for this kind of eating plan. I'm going to have to make sitting down and drawing up weekly menus and cooking schedules a regular part of the lifestyle. I can't leave the meal preparation to chance, because then, I'll find myself falling back into old cooking habits. I've cooked "from scratch" for many many years, and I've been continually refining the type of food I purchase and prepare. This is just more "fine tuning." Wish me the Lord's grace as I seek to become more disciplined in the pursuit of health.
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    I've also been diagnosed as prediabetic a few months ago. It is scary, but it's something we can do something about now before it gets worse. I wish both of us the Lord's grace as we seek to become more disciplined in the pursuit of health.
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    3384 days ago
    Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your health issues. Diabetes is a far-reaching disease, life complicating. It doesn't run in my family, but I am surrounded by insulin-dependent friends and SIL. High blood pressure, I've been there for most of my adult life, controlled with meds.

    The eating plan sounds wonderful. The recipes you listed are the sign of an exceptional cook. You definitely know your way around the kitchen.
    "Planning and preparation and discipline seem to be the prerequisites for this kind of eating plan." Planning the meals are key for me. Winging it without menus and preparation always lead me away from my goals. Have plan, will succeed:)
    We would love to hear how this goes with you. Praying God's grace for you.

    P.S. Thank you for the notes left on my blogs. I always look forward to your comments.
    3386 days ago
    I'm a #s person. Can I ask, what were your blood glucose #s or A1C? I wonder what his/her parameters are. I hope you share how well you do by your next appt. I LOVE that your cholesterol ratios are good. YAY! YOUR menu's making ME hungry!

    My left chamber is also a bit enlarged. I never had rheumatic fever (I'd know, right?). My celiac MIL had that, though.

    Re: bp or (ANY of her books, esp "detoxify or die"), please "amazon" Dr. Sherry A. Rogers. A worthy investment. We are deficient in minerals ... if that's a help (magnesium mostly, but others, too).

    I got a bit sad to hear about your "melting" into the carpet. I SO remember those days. Right after my dx, we had a neighborhood dinner out - just the ladies. I'd just moved here and was getting to know them. One bore her testimony to me for, I swear, an hour. I couldn't remember one sentence from the next and I was about to pass out trying to keep up my smile and "uh huhs" and "ohhs". Years later I told her how I felt so she could maybe better understand her FIL who has celiac. We laugh; she's a good egg.

    So are you. Keeping your bg steady will help you not crave it. Enjoy this new journey. You have a good attitude, and better than that, a plan.
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    3389 days ago
    Your shopping list looks divine. Oh, yes, I'd eat any and all of that.
    Congratulations on finding such celebratory ways of controlling your diet. They look scrumptious.
    I'm so glad you are being mindful, and taking care of you.
    And- in social settings, the most important thing for ME- is to serve myself everything that I need in one walk through- and then eat it ssslllloooooowwwwwwwllllllly. So that I can feel myself get full. So that I still have some of the x,y,z to nibble on when I get caught up in that stuff. I keep my plate with me until the food is put away, and keep a few bites left ON the plate to remind me that I have plenty. Hope that helps. (I also always plan that meal to be higher in calories than the rest of my meals, but be careful to not GO to it hungry. I've been known to bake a yam and eat it before going to a pot luck... hey, we all learn our tricks.)
    3393 days ago
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