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My Poor Dog! Strained Back!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

This morning as I was getting the kids ready to drive to school, we noticed our darling Lhasa, Abby, was shaking. My daughter was concerned, and was like "Something's wrong with Abby" and I said, "She's probably just cold. She's okay," and then, just from lying there, Abby went beserk, She was howling and yelping, like screaming. She jumped up like something was stabbing at her, and her eyes were wild, it was like she was screaming. I was just stunned and so unprepared. I have never seen anything like that, and I hope I never see naything else like it again.. She went on like that for a long time, maybe thirty seconds, but it felt so long, --and then she just lay there panting with her mouth open and whimpering, and she didn't want to be touched. I thought, "She's having a muscle spasm, like a Charlie horse" and after a few minutes of us just talking gently to her, she stopped whimpering and just lay there, looking at us like "What happened? What was that?"
I had to get the kids to school, (it was 6:45 in the morning) and the vet opens at 8, so I called my mom--angel that she is--to come babysit the dog so Abby wouldn't be alone. My mom was an LPN, so I feel like she is better in a medical crisis anyway. Abby went to her favorite "don't bother me" spot under my bed, and didn't come out for an hour. My mom made arragements so we took Abby to the vet as soon as I got back, She is very nervous at the vet's, and she was drooling and shaking.
Come to find out, she has a strained muscle in her back. So she is on painkillers and muscle relaxers, and it is so much better, but she is still holding her tail down (I guess it hurts her back to hold it up) and just moves slow. Poor baby.
Anyway, my daughter was bawling all the way to school, on and off--I really thought about keeping her home, but I thought it was best for Abby to be left alone and Willow would want to hold her and soothe her. I cannot tell you how upsetting all this was--it makes me cry just remembering it. Abby is the best pet in the world, and seeing her writhing in pain like that and not being able to stop it--that was like a nightmare.
I had this urge to eat something salty and crunchy. So I powered through some carrot sticks I had packed in my bag. But it wasn't enough. I actually stopped at a 7-11 on the way home and bought a bag of selt-and pepper Kettle chips --a little bag. I consciously decided to have that little bag and thought that would do it. But no, I came home and opened a big bag of potato chips and proceeded to eat half the bag. I am amazed I stopped at half. I could have eaten the world.
I know that urge I had to eat was purely my way of dealing with these intense emotions. I was trying to be rational, but it really overwhelmed me that it might be something serious and she could die. And my daughter would be devastated. And i would be, too.
So, I am forgiving myself for the face-first dive into the Lays. And, I gotta tell you, it worked. I felt better. And I let it make me feel better, instead of piling on a full-frontal emotional smack-down on myself for slipping up. And that calorie-laden detour did not inspire a day-long free-for-all. It's behind me, and I would probably do it all over again in the same circumstances. Someday, I may do a yoga pose instead but I haven't learned any yoga yet. So, I'm blogging it out and dealing with it. That kind of stressful situation is not an every-day occurance. I could have dealt with it in a more positive way, but --it is what it is. Moving on.
My planned work out at the Y ended up not happening, as i was in the vet's office. So I am off to do a little bit of exercise here at home on the Wii Fit.
Thanks for all the support, everybody. Just knowing you are reading this and care--that makes me feel a little bit better.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I hope Abby is feeling better! I know the heartbreak when your doggy is in pain and you can't do anything. We just had our black lab in for surgery on her back left leg, she had torn her CCL (same as the ACL in a person). But the good thing is they both will recover and eventually be their old playful selves again! As for the chips, don't feel guilty, I dove into the girl scout cookies (they arrived the same day). Oh well what can you do :).
    3024 days ago
  • AUNTC321
    It is great you stayed calm and even snuck in exercise later. Good job.
    3026 days ago
    I am so sorry. This situation sounds heartbreaking. Hang in there.

    3027 days ago
    I am so sorry. Abby has a hold on your heart and when she hurts so do you.

    My little Charley is an 8 month Shih Tzu and has me wrapped around my little finger.

    I am so glad it isn't anything serious.

    Sending you 2 hugs. One for you and one for Abby.
    3028 days ago
    I'm so sorry about you Abby, I felt like crying while I read your blog, ole Dave is laying here with his head on my lap keeping me company cause I don't feel great and he seems to know it too. My husband worried last night that if anything happens to Dave we'd never recover. I told him that since Dave is enjoying his life right now then we shouldn't worry about the future and enjoy him now, he may be 12 but I want his remaining years to be fun and healthy. God only knows when he'll go but I hope it's quick casuse I could never go through watching him in pain. We just had to put our little cat down after she was mauled by a coyote and seeing her in pain was very trumatic for my son and I. I hope your little girl is okay too, and don't worry about the chips, we are emotional eaters and sometimes those emotions just carry us away. i'd probably do the same thing. Hope Abby feels better soon, emoticon
    3028 days ago
    Wow, good news in the end for your baby. I've been there, too, and was as worried when I began reading about her as you were. Glad things will work out. Let us know. And, good for you recognizing where the eating urge came from and how to better deal with it next time, if there is a next time. -- Lou
    3028 days ago
    Dear Friend,

    I hope Abby gets better soon. I'm rootin' for both of you. I know your face first jump into chips was really OK because we all do those type of things. I'm proud of you for only eating half a bag of chips. But, it sounds like you made some other good decisions like sending your daughter to school after all. I know your daughter was sad but it probably did her good to see her friends and engage in school.

    Now it is probably doing you good to engage in your daily tasks. Hope you have a much better day and that Abby rests comfortably.

    3028 days ago
  • TINK33
    I hope Abby is feeling better and that you are back to some state of calm now. I know how much we love our dog and I can't imagine the panic you must have felt not knowing what was going on with her. :( I'll say a few puppy prayers that she's feeling 100% soon!

    As for the chips. . . .life happens. I love that you recognized it, acknowledged it, forgave yourself for it and are moving on! Honestly - that's a HUGE step and I'm extremely proud of you for it! Not dwelling, allowing yourself to slip, forgiving yourself - are all major hurdles in this journey we are on. . . .and you just sprinted right through them.

    Thanks for your honesty in your blog. You are truly an inspiration!


    3028 days ago
    Oh Christine!!!!! I'm sooo sorry!!! That is sooooo scary!!! My sisters dog had a seizure about a month ago!! She was hysterical probably about as much as your daughter!! She called the vet and they walked her though what to do and told her not to worry!! I'm so glad that Abby wasn't any worse than she was!! I'm so glad that you opted to forgive yourself...it doesn't make it anything better to beat yourself up mentaly and then eat about it!! Look at the progress your making!! GREAT JOB!!! Have a GREAT GREAT Day and know that you are making HUGE Progress enjoy your Wii workout!! :)
    3028 days ago
    I'm glad abby is going to be ok.
    And don't dwell on the chips, just move on ahead!
    3028 days ago
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