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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Richard Simmons...didn't work at age 10
Lean Line...didn't work at age 12
Medifast....did work in my 20's, but gained the weight back because you basically have no concept on how to eat normal food
Weight Watchers...didn't work, wasn't customized to my individual needs 30 didn't work, very limited food choices on the veggie plan and got bored.

Okay, so this sums up all the programs I've been on. At age 30, you would think something would click...but not really. All I know is that I want to have an organic vegetarian diet and lose weight, 30 lbs to be exact.

I want to feel healthy and not stress out about food all the time. Everyday, all-day my thought process is getting through meals and thinking about food. I feel as if this is draining me (referring to energy). I can't concentrate on anything else but food. The more I think about food, the more I want to eat...the downward spiral effect.

I wonder if other people go through this everyday of their lives. What do they do? How do you stop this process? I want to start thinking about other things besides what I'm going to eat at my next meal.

Would love to hear from insightful peeps!

Thanks for listening,
MsDarkOpera emoticon
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    I am sooooo glad you're back! I was thinking about you on and off since you left and I was hoping you'd come back again!!

    That aside... I'm recovered (well, I have a TEENSY bit left that I think might be permanent psychosis, hah) from my eating disorder and where I used to obsess and obsess about this and that, I find that I don't anymore.

    What really works for me is to plan in advance. Then, all the thinking is done for me when it gets to that day! Rinse & repeat for the next day. Of course, it depends on if I get surprised and go out to eat or have a party to attend, or even something simple like being out of a certain food I was counting on having the next day, but it's easy just to sub it in later on. For me, this brings my stress level waaaay down.

    Also, I agree to start small! Don't get overwhelmed with trying to change everything in day one. If you cut down on say, soda to one can a day, then one can a week, then phase it out eventually -- great! Don't feel like you need to go nuts and throw away everything in your house and re-buy it all, either. Finish it and then make a list of sprouted whole grain bread (instead of white), unsalted natural peanut butter (instead of Skippy), etc.

    YOU CAN DO IT! I am the stubbornest thing on the planet (I'm a Taurus, haha) and I did it and it feel sooooo satisfying to be at the point I am now where I don't worry about obsessing over food anymore!
    2973 days ago
    I understand the thinking about food thing. I have always envied people who don't think about eating, or "forget" to eat. I eat a meal thinking about what I am going to eat next! I truly enjoy food and eating. I have found that using the nutrition log, that I control what I eat and plan my meals better. I get caught up in my calorie/fat/carb/protein amounts, and I'm much more aware of what I eat. I still think about it, but it's in a healthier way. Good luck and I'm sure you'll find organic vegetarians here who will help you out.
    2973 days ago
    Hi and welcome - we have all being there at one time or another. I find (with myself) baby steps work. I focus on one thing. Cut out sweets. Then cut out cakes. Then cut out fried food. Then cut the size of portions. Then start eating more fruit etc. It does eventually work. We all fall off the wagon here - but it is not a diet or a fad. It is now your life and only you can create your lifestyle. If you want it badly enough - you can do this. Good luck.
    2973 days ago
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