Measurements are in!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

So I am not sure if I did this right with the overall total of inches lost...I measured arms, waist, hips and thighs so forgive me lol...but I did lose a total of 5 inches!!!

So I took a week off since I needed time to just level out mentally... but I have so far completed 5 weeks, in my 6th week now, of P90X. And I am also down about 5-6 pounds since I started as well!! I really didnt think I was going to see the scale hit 135 but I am now teetering between 133 and 134 and change lol...Goal 1 met!!! Now for my next goal....down to 130.

I almost didnt work out today, been feeling very bummed out lately, but I am glad I did work out since I do feel a little better, not a lot but a little lol. Anyone thinking about startnig P90X, I highly recommend it! I have not gotten bored soon as you think you are going to get bored, you switch your workout routine. Its awesome! I am going for my first fitting in May, hopefully I can post some pics before and after pics with me in the wedding dress. Really nervous about that since I really, really did not like how I looked in the dress!!

Thats about it from me! Hope everyone is doing well!
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