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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I am motivated my reading success stories on Spark people. I also enjoy reading some of the struggles because it lets me know that I am not alone.
Here a 5 blogs that really have motivated me and keep me going to stay focus and committed.

1. I am motivated and impressed by SOPHIKKO’s blog because she dispelled the myth that you have to have a lot of money to spend on food to lose weight. I love to cook and I don’t like to spend a lot of money. She actually shows the food and the cost for the day!

2. I am motivated by our own leader DIFROMWYOMING. She wrote a blog, “I have lost an antelope”(8-20-09). It really lets me see visually all the weight that I am caring around. No wonder my back hurts me with all the weight that I am caring in the front of me (you know my twin girls and my abdomen). She is a great team leader and motivator herself. There is an old saying that the proof is in the ‘pudding’ and she has loss a considerable amount of weight and she is the ‘proof’. The picture of that antelope is so visual it tells a story all by itself.

3. I am motivated by an older blog written by SAYRAH-M on 9-30-08, titled Being strong. She opens up and shares some horrible things that happened in her life and how she persevered and went through her trials and tribulations. She dealt with some very serious issues such as suicide and rape. Those are subjects that are not so pretty and to open up to the Spark world is pretty amazing. I have to tell myself to stop my complaining and whining.

4. I printed this blog by IUHRYTR off and I put it in a plastic sheet. It is on my refrigerator too. It is, “Four Steps to Success”(8-23-09) I take it to work with me and I try to read it several times a day. I really like it when he says…….”act as if we’re serious about our journey”. I have made copies and gave it to several of my friends and co-workers. This is like a ‘magic pill’ in written paper form. There are no negative ‘side-effects’ and you can’t overdose on it.

5. JERSEYGIRL1950’ blog titled, Day 13 Shift your thoughts ( 2-13-10) tells me to pretend.
4. Pretend You Can.

Your subconscious does not know the difference
between pretending to be positive, and being
positive. (And, it does not care!) Pretend, at
least in the beginning, that you can do whatever you
set your mind to. After a while you will find that
you are doing exactly that.

I think I can pretend that I lose 100lbs, which is fairly easy to do!!! We all can pretend!! The office hours of these motivators are 24/7 and you don’t need to take a ‘sick, personal, or vacation day to visit!!

SOPHIKKO’s blog www.sparkpeople.com/mypa

DIFROMWYOMING's blog www.sparkpeople.com/mypa

SAYRAH-M's blog www.sparkpeople.com/mypa

IUHRYTR's blog

JERSEYGIRL1950’s blog www.sparkpeople.com/mypa

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    4019 days ago
    Great sharing. Yes, I have my favorite blogs by other people that spoke to my heart and mind and needs. Your blog has helped people to find other blogs that might help them as you. Great idea. Keep up your good progress. Warmest Regards, Rusty emoticon
    4046 days ago
    I love the statement you made about your mind doesn't know you are just pretending to be positive. That is so true. I never thought of it that way. Thank you for pointing that out. And thanks for reading my blogs in the past and leaving me your encouragement. I wish you well on your journey. Hugs from Janet in central Illinois.
    4062 days ago
    Thanks for the great post!! I'll go look at some of those blogs you suggested. I need all the help I can get!! emoticon
    4066 days ago
    You always find the coolest stuff to share. I am so blessed to have you as a SparkFriend!
    4066 days ago
    4067 days ago
    Great share! Thanks!
    4067 days ago
  • MUSTANG0421
    Thank you. I am saving this.
    4067 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. Each of the links motivates differently and I enjoyed them all.
    4067 days ago
    Thank you so much. You are an awesome leader who takes particular interest in your teammates. You acknowledge us all and that is special. This blog is now the icing on your cake (no pun intended - all in good health). This is the most helpful blog I've read and it has research value. Thanks again.
    4067 days ago
  • KATE_70
    emoticon emoticon
    4067 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    It's always great to have a little extra motivation. Especially when it reminds you that you are not alone! Keep on pretending and soon it will become reality!
    4067 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5285708
    I thank you for the link you sent me and you did a great job on this blog. Let's do this. emoticon
    4067 days ago
    Hi Walnut

    I love your blog. Thank you for sharing the links and just so you know Sophikko's blog made me hungry just by looking at the pictures.
    4067 days ago
    Hi Walnut

    I love you blog. Thank you for sharing the links and just so you know Sophikko's blog made me hungry just by looking at the pictures.
    4067 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1508102
    Love this blog! Thank you so much for sharing the links. I have saved them and will read them again. Motivation is a personal thing. What motivates one person may not motivate another. We have to find what motivates us and continue to seek them out. That's why I love it when spark friends share links. It's a great way to find information. I've found motivation in some things that are positive and some things that are negative. The great thing about motivation is that its contagious. Let's hope we all continue to "catch" it! You know I have to vote for this blog. lol Have a great day my spark friend!
    4067 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2948406
    thank you so much for sending these. i loved and subscribed to the SOPHIKKO’s blog. i love the idea of doing this. this is a great cookbook idea and i hope one day she does one!
    4068 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4035863
    Good blog and links.
    4068 days ago
  • ROX2013
    emoticon emoticon
    Thanks for putting up these five and their links. Sometimes I read the success stories to put my own journy in prospective.
    4068 days ago
  • KELLI9001
    Great! Thanks for sharing all the awesome blogs!
    4068 days ago
    Thank you for putting all these together with the links! You're right, they are very motivating. I'm into success stories, too. I don't think many people here realize how there stories spark our journeys.
    4068 days ago
    emoticon for sharing. I love SPARKPEOPLE!
    4068 days ago
  • FITKAT2010
    You can say that someone has motivated you, or is motivating. The proof in the pudding is the action that is taken because of the motivation.

    Most feel that positives motivate. Actually they don't. Sorry hon, it's a fact. What motivates is the fears, the pain, the angst that we try to cover up. Unleash all of those suppressed feelings and let them do their magic and motivate you to take action in your life.

    Take action, take it now. Move your body, eat whole foods and drink your water. Express yourself and live life to the fullest. Don't stop! Let the reasons you stall come out into the light of day and see them for what they are: lies. Lies that were believed in and given power over you so that you could stay safe from the unknown.
    4068 days ago
    Thank you, Bev, that was very sweet of you! And I appreciate all the nice blogs you pointed out for us to read, because they all have something valuable to share. emoticon
    4068 days ago
    thank you for sharing this with us
    4068 days ago
  • no profile photo SUCCESSHEL
    Thanks for sharing these motivators. I can always use any new ways of looking at this issue.
    I just read the book Push that the movie Precious is based on. It was so incredible what these girls overcame to learn to read and write and break out of their horrible home situations. It made me feel like this[weight] is such a miniscule problem and no one is working against my efforts, it is all completely under my control-there is no excuse.

    4068 days ago
  • COOKI56
    Thank you for sharing these blogs! emoticon
    It's nice the way we are here to encourage one another and to share motivation.
    4068 days ago
    It is a great support to read that others share the same struggles but eventually triumph
    4068 days ago
    Thank you for the links to the blogs. I like reading good ones, but I don't want to sort through the average ones to find them. Here, you've done all the work for me! I'm sure reading these will increase my motivation.

    Thanks again!

    4068 days ago
    You are so sweet! Thank you for sharing.. now I have lots of blogs to read!
    4068 days ago
    How kind of you to mention my blog today. I try to make every one as inspiring and encouraging as I can and hope they come across that way. There are so many motivating blogs on this site that a person can't be down long if they begin to read some of them. Like yours today. Thank you. -- Lou
    4068 days ago
    Thank you walnut, I too love to read blogs, and hear first hand of the success and also non success of our Spark friends..we have all been in both catergories, so we can surely relate!

    Elaine emoticon
    4068 days ago
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