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Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Yesterday morning I planned out my food for the day. The plan:

"... toast, yogurt, and molasses 'tea' for breakfast, have an Amy's frozen doohickey in the freezer for lunch along with two 25-calorie fruit cups, an apple on my desk, and a pile of spinach, mushrooms, and a Quorn cutlet waiting for me for dinner at home. And a fudgesicle. Cuz a girl needs some chocolate. "

The reality:

Breakfast was spot on - mostly because I was eating it as I typed that paragraph. Then some evil b!tch brought in homemade mint chocolate brownies so I had one of those. It was super tiny though. I skipped the fruit cups. For an afternoon snack, I was supposed to have an apple. And then some other evil b!tch had Girl Scout cookies. So I had one thin mint and one tagalong. And I, for one, was ASTOUNDED that I was able to limit myself to one of each. After work I stopped by Costco to get a new TV and while I was there I picked up four pounds of grapes. FOUR POUNDS! Anyway, for dinner I had the Quorn and mushrooms, but it turned out my spinach had gone bad so I had some broccoli instead. And the fudgesicle. And a cup of grapes. All together, so not what I had planned, but well within my calorie range and it's that adjusting to what life throws at you bit that I constantly struggle with so I'll take it. Maybe that whole self control thing will start to happen regularly?


Saturday I painted a bedroom. Being just above Little Person in stature, this requires a lot of up and down on the ladder, plus the assorted bending and leaning and stretching that goes along with the process. Sunday I was a bit sore but had to move furniture back in place and that sort of thing.

Monday I walked with a few bursts of jogging thrown in. This morning I jogged with a few bursts of running thrown in, and walked a bit in between bursts. It's the first time I've done a full hour on the treadmill in ages. Covered 4.3 miles in those 60 minutes so I'm pretty happy with that.

I made a discovery recently. I am the world's slowest jogger. (No, that's not the discovery.) I actually call what I do wogging because most people walk faster than I jog. Anyway, I tend to keep the treadmill on about 5.0. When I was in Australia, the treadmill was in km/h instead, and my conversion skills are not stellar so I wasn't really sure where to start. I ended up jogging somewhere between 7.5 and 8.0. It felt awesome. It was totally a mental thing - yeah, look at me, 8.0, I rock so hard! - when in reality I knew I wasn't going very fast. But I realized at 8.0 I lasted a hell of a lot longer. Turns out I was doing about 4.8 or so on the treadmill. That was the discovery. So now that I'm back on non-Metric soil, I've been keeping the treadmill at about 4.8 and then the last minute or two of every jogging stint I kick it up to about 6.0, which is hard core running as far as I'm concerned.

Seems to be working out quite well and those 6.0 bursts make me feel all athletic and stuff. :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am at the same pace jogging as you are... I feel like a freakin' track star when I crank it up to 6.0!
    I love grapes! I am very picky though, I have to squeeze them all to make sure they are hard as rocks.
    3516 days ago
    You thoroughly cracked me up today. Wogging? That's ME! You're a HOOT!

    3516 days ago
    Great job on making your adjustments to life's little curveballs. I think being able to adapt like that is one of the keys to success.
    Also, great job on the exercise. LOL, Wogging! I'm a total wogger.
    3516 days ago
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