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WOW! I met an Olympic Gold medalist!

Monday, March 01, 2010

The kid's school had a book fair tonight, and to pull people in, they usually ask a guest reader to come in and read to the kids. This year, they had an Olympian Gold medalist come in. She won Gold in the 1994 winter Olympics, and a Silver in the 1992 Winter Olympics. She looked at the books that they had for her to read, and decided that the kids would be more interested in hearing about her journey to Gold. Boy, was she right. The kids loved it! I loved it! The other adults present loved it!

One of the things that she said really hit home for me. She said that the Olympian athletes practice everyday, 3 times a day. They fall, a lot, but they get back up and do it again. They go to classes, usually gymnastics, to teach them to fall, so they don't hurt themselves.

Sounds kinda familiar. A lot like many of our journeys here. Every day is a new day to practice, and we will stumble or fall, but we get back up and try again. We use Spark people and other resources to teach us what we need to do to lose the weight successfully and in a healthy way.

To end her session, she brought out her Gold and Silver medals. She told us about the medals, and I really had not known about how they were created before. The country hosting the Olympics get to design the medals, and they design them with something unique to their country. The gold medal she won, had granite in it from the stone that they blasted away to make the arena for the games. How cool is that. The silver she won, had crystal in it that was unique to that country.

I actually got to touch and look at both of the medals. What an inspiring evening it was!
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