Jogging after 25 years of COUCHING...

Monday, March 01, 2010

Jogging after 25 years of COUCHING...
After all of my years of couching "training" I was actually, I believe an Olympic caliber coucher. Now, that did not happen over night it took years and years of training my feet to not fall asleep as they were "elevated" for extended periods of time. Also the ability to balance viewing a laptop monitor and a television, was a talent that I have developed to a very high skill level but I am not sure I have perfected yet. I will talk more of my talents in future blogs, of that I am sure.
Well my first excursion into jogging was not all that bad actually, but, I did do a lot of prep work before I stepped out on to the track on Saturday.
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My wife and I joined a gym on January 11th, about 4 weeks after my surgery. From day 1 I had to start very slow, I walked 1 mile at about 2.5 - 3 mph, then did very little work with weights as I was still feeling some soreness from the hernia repair.
A week or so later I added riding a stationary bike, riding 4+ miles my first time (I know I'm not very smart sometimes). I also added some more weight training as with machines I found a way to keep my core stationary so I would not cause too much "stress".
As I was adding more and more weightlifting I didnt need to stabilize my core so much as I was healing pretty well, so I tried squats with little or no weight. When I could squat with a little weight on my shoulders I knew it will only be a matter of time before I can start adding more difficult exercises. Well after that, for some stupid reason I decided that the elliptical machine looked interesting soooooo...I tried to kill myself in a 5 minute session, wow who would have thought that it would be that tough?!?!?!? Since that time I have done a couple of 30+ minute routines on the BEAST, and lately I have been doing interval training ( 40 seconds slow 2.5mph, then 20 seconds sprint at 5+ mph. I will increase this to 35/25 then to 45/30 and so on until I can sprint for 60 seconds), THIS is what gave me the COURAGE to go jogging this last weekend. I figured that if when I got on the track at the local high school I could just do the same routine at a slower pace (jogging) using the intervals to recover.

Well now for the BIG day I "announced" to a lot of people that I was going to attempt jogging on Saturday, and when I got out of bed in the morning and looked outside it was raining emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
(lightly, but there was water falling from the heavens, and I thought, "WHEW, I'm off the hook"). Well not so much, the rest of the day we had periods of rain, drizzle, and dry, and for some retarded reason I just couldnt get jogging out of my mind. I figured out that I actually WANTED to go (WHAT ARE YOU NUTS?), even if there was a little extra water in the atmosphere (What??? now I'm
looking for excuses to GO jogging, WOW now I know I'm nuts).
So about 2 o'clock I decided this was my best opportunity to get out there (even though it was still lightly raining). I drove the 2 miles to the school, got out of the car, and began my workout.
Walk 1/4 mile, then switched off jogging and walking for the rest of my time. In the end I discovered it actually got easier to get into the zone as I was running, I would focus on my goal (how far I was going to run) then just GO, no second guessing, no whining, just GO. I felt when it was all over that I could have kept the same pattern going for at least another mile, but I didn't want to push it too far, I was happy with the accomplishment, and figured it would give me motivation to come back out the next time.
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As of yesterday I now have 13 weeks until I will be running in a 5k my goal is to "run" the WHOLE thing, I dont want to walk one single step of it. I am even looking around the So Cal area to find if there are other 5k's to get into before to practice on so I dont look too stupid in my own community first, LOL.
I encourage all of you, pick a goal, a goal that just seems CRAZY, then GO FOR IT. Dont let anyone tell you to make the goal smaller, if anything make it BIGGER, the bigger the better. Then research it, make a plan on how to attain that goal, Then TRY.
Even if you dont get to the goal on the first attempt, I bet you still went farther than you thought you could go, be proud of that, Then ATTACK the goal again.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Not sure if you ever heard about John "The Penguin" Bingham, but he wrote the book "The Courage to Start". Wonderful, inspirational and funny book. He started in his 40's becoming a runner after being a professional couch potato.

    He has a group on SP and a web site...


    Very motivational...
    4010 days ago
    Fantastic effort Dennis! Your blog is inspirational! I have to find a plan of attack! Keep running! emoticon emoticon
    4013 days ago
  • SGTMOM911
    You and Hollynn inspire me to no end! I am looking forward to BECOMING a RUNNER - and now, a HIKER!

    I had commented to SpunkyDucky about how I had been lamenting what I CAN'T do (snow/water skiing, etc due to geographical proximity), but now I am thinking about what I CAN do: run and hike. I never considered myself either, but doesn't mean I can't start NOW!

    Speaking of NOW... time to strap on my brand-spankin'-new running shoes and head out the door on Week 1 Day 1 of C25k!!!

    (We'll see how giddy I still am in about a half hour!)

    4013 days ago
    Go! Go! GO!!!!
    If we don't push the human body we can't know what it is capable of. My body surprises me all the time and yours will too. I agree - you can't think too much about it - you just have to DO IT!
    Congrats on running!
    4014 days ago
  • BRAAT5
    What a great story!!!
    I think maybe I could also do this!
    Thanks for the motivation!!
    4014 days ago
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